The return of cinemas to Riyadh marks an important moment day history in Saudi Arabia

The first cinema hall has been inaugurated on the capital Riyadh on the last day

The first cinema hall has been inaugurated on the capital Riyadh on the last day

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The first cinema hall has been inaugurated on the capital Alliance, organized under Saudi Arabia’s Government Investment Fund, under Construction Development and Investment Entertainment Company (DIEC). With this collaboration with US company AMC Entertainment, this cinema was set up in Shah Abdul Mali Center and by the same company, Hollywood’s popular film, Black Panther, is being seen first. A colorful ceremony was held on the occasion, leading Saudi and foreign personalities related to the entertainment and culture sector. Saudi Arabia Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Awwad Alawwad said on the occasion of inauguration that the return of the cinema in Saudi Arabia is an important event in the modern history of the state and cultural life and it is also an important step in the development industry of the entertainment industry. He said that today we are fulfilling an important promise to improve the quality of life of citizens of the country under Vision 2030. The cinema has always played an important role in bringing cultures together, and Saudi Arabia is ready to play its role. He announced that through a transparent regulatory framework we will make sure that Saudi and international filmmakers have the opportunity to show their work in the country. The entertainment industry is being regulated by Saudi Arabia’s General Commission for AudioVilla Media. This commission is working closely with film distributors and cinema operators and this will also be the same for the selection of movies shown in Saudi Arabia. AMC Entertainment Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Adm Aron expressed his views on the opening of the cinema. There are approximately 1000 theaters and 11000 screens of the ACC around the world, but Saudi Arabia did not come to see this kind of excitement and anywhere. During the recent weeks, I interacted with various people in the world, I concluded that it would be a historic opportunity. It is clear that in the next five years, in the city of Vision 2030, 40 cinemas will be opened in 15 cities. This move is a part of the entertainment sector development project in the state. By 2030, 100 theaters will be set up in 25 Saudi cities. By 2030, 350 cinema theaters will be opened in different cities and they will have 2500 screens, according to the information of the Saudi Ministry. By establishing sermons, in 2030, more than 30,000 people will get jobs in Saudi Arabia, and more than 130000 opportunities will be created.


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