Prime Minister Imran Khan

Disappointment disappointment (PM Imran Khan)

News Time  1996 When Imran Khan laid the foundation of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), he had clear examples not only of many democratic but authoritarian governments of the past. ... Continue Reading →
Turkey follows Ottoman forefathers

Turkey follows Ottoman forefathers

News Time The Turkish Republic was a well-known state born after the First World War. Its founder, Kamal Ataturk, loved the peace at home, the mantra of peace in the world, which led ... Continue Reading →
FATF has been blacklisted Iran

The possibility of ruler winning in Iranian parliamentary elections, FATF has been blacklisted Iran

Tehran, Paris … News Time The ruling class in Iran’s parliamentary elections has been heavy. According to news agencies, a large number of pro-government citizens turned ... Continue Reading →
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan soon: sources

Islamabad … News Time Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan soon. According to foreign sources, the dates of the Chinese president’s door to Pakistan are being ... Continue Reading →
Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump

US court sentences former Trump adviser

Washington … News Time US court has sentenced former Donald Trump adviser according to foreign media, the US court has sentenced a former US President Trump adviser Roger Stone, ... Continue Reading →
Meeting with leaders of 27 member countries began in Brussels to discuss the budget from 2021 to 2027.

EU’s budget is expected to decrease by 2021 to 2027 following the UK’s exit

Brussels – News Time EU leaders are busy discussing mid-term budgets. Budget cuts are expected after the UK’s exit from the union last month. Leaders of 27 member countries ... Continue Reading →
The rally broke out when 18-year-old Amulya Leona, a college student, took to the stage and started chanting Pakistan Zindabad

The slogan of Pakistan Zindabad in India, declared student rebel, sent to jail

Bangalore … News Time Pakistan Zindabad slogan student lodges case of revolt by All India Majlis-i-Ittehadul Muslimeen against controversial citizenship law of Modi government ... Continue Reading →
Muhadjir Effendy, 63, the Indonesian Federal Minister for Cultural and Human Development

If rich people should marry poor to Reduce Poverty, Indonesian minister

Jakarta … News Time The 63-year-old Mahadjir Effendy, the federal minister for Indonesia’s cultural and human development, the largest Muslim-speaking country in the world, ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump will visit India on February 24

Trip to India, Trump will urge Pakistan to ease tensions

Washington … News Time US President Donald Trump’s visit will also raise the issue of discrimination against minorities in India and sanctions on religious freedoms and ... Continue Reading →
Thousands of Palestinians reject US-Israeli peace plan in occupied Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians protest against America’s Middle East peace plan

Gaza … News Time Thousands of Palestinians are protesting against the US Middle East peace plan. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announces the construction of 3000 new homes ... Continue Reading →