NASA’s journey to Mars in order to develop the largest and most powerful rocket

NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) will begin to operate in 2018

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) will begin to operate in 2018


NASA’s largest and most powerful rocket in the history of man through the declared will help to reach Mars. According to NASA Space Launch System (S L S) in 2018, work will begin on the new aura spacecraft will embark on its main task of designing has been completed. Tudmy ESL program manager said a very happy moment that we are now talking to the man in the depths of space is. Obtained after completion of the rocket will be height of 1012 meters and weighs 55 million pounds to 84 million pounds to fly while it will provide a much thrst. This powerful rocket would carry the equivalent of 77 trucks. The main two small but very powerful rocket boosters will also be installed. News 25 called the rocket engines will be the main engine department developed the NASA Jet Air. Although it will be three engines, but on his return to Mars can only come from an engine work. These revealed that the NASA Mars to reach the men’s team will be made shortly embark on meteorites that will continue to benefit from its resources. Mars, Earth’s neighbor planet that we have an average of 22 million, 53 million kilometers.


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