Japan advanced technology and labor stronghold

Japan advanced technology and labor stronghold

Japan advanced technology and labor stronghold

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With regard to Japan, it would not be wrong to say that the country is the most beautiful, the owner of all kinds of senses, the axis of rules and regulations, the stronghold of the working class, the manifestation of civilization and culture. Before the Japan visit, many things were already known, most of which were tech-savvy, high-tech countries. And the use of this technology is very common to them, or even aware that the Japanese are far ahead in sanitation and this is one of their basic distinctions.

When Japan arrived in Tokyo on the first day in view of the Genius 2019 program for SAARC countries, they were informed about rules and regulations at the airport, which they did not compromise on. In Japan, rows are created as if someone was directing, but in reality there is no one to direct, and Japanese queues stand up automatically to facilitate any task. When they entered the city, they looked around and wondered if the roads were just built or the big buildings were washed away. Or the buildings, including the larger projects, are so clean that they may be unoccupied. Well, go ahead and learn about Japan directly. Many things were affected at the beginning but when they arrived at the hotel, the first thing that impressed me the most was the bathrooms. The best examples of high technology are bathrooms where sensors and touch systems exist and which we find not only in the cities of Japan but also in the villages of Japan. However, the same system was available everywhere in Japan. The idea of ​​cows being talked about is different, but cows from Japan had to think, is this really a cow because the cows there are not far behind any developed city.

During the tour when we went to various places, including many places including Metropolitan Building, Tokyo Tower, Nanzan University, Nohmi Bosai Company, Shippo Art Village, Toyota Plant, Nagoya Castle, Zenrinji Temple, Ichi Company, Great exposure. During his visit to various places, he was well aware that if the Japanese were at the forefront of development, they were entitled to be ahead, as he was undoubtedly a hard working nation which does its job well. However, somewhere during a visit to the Toyota plant in particular, it was assumed that the way they were operating was really human or robots, those who are working are just working diligently and slowly. The fact that came as a surprise during a visit to the Toyota plant was that the Japanese like Lexus manufactured cars in just 17 hours.

The thing that came out very well from day one with many things is that if you have to learn time constraints then you should learn from the Japanese, which is a matter of minutes, if not seconds, and even if it is late. So you’re not tired of apologizing. The other thing that made the heart really happy was that there was no rich and no poor, all were equal. However, no one seemed to be interested in whether he was ahead and I was behind or I was behind. One of the problems I encountered during the visit was the media. The Japanese do not know English and may not even want to learn. So in different places we had difficulty due to the language. But in such a situation, Google translators or translation machines available to them would work, but they were often difficult to communicate with, sometimes convenient.

One of the major problems for Japan is the decline in their population. In particular, they lacked the younger generation, which they were upset about, and they expressed this. Now they want young people from all over the world to come and be there. For which immigration to different countries is also set to begin soon. During the visit, it was also convinced that Japan is expensive but the perfect place to vacation. Where there are numerous places for tourism, which will attract 100% tourists. Whether it is to work diligently or with time constraints, help to others or to be courteous, to value the assets of the country or to realize people, to believe in cleanliness or to love the country immensely, to propagate your Japanese language. Or so, they are really ahead of what they are entitled to.


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