Brexit is done, now…!

The British election results have turned the back of "Brexit"

The British election results have turned the back of “Brexit”

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Finally, the UK signed the Brexit bill and has now adopted the law. Three and a half years later, British citizens breathed a sigh of relief when the Brexit process began. Throughout this period, there was an atmosphere of uncertainty and uncertainty in the country and also a political stir that kept dividing the national leaders. In the meantime, the UK was divided in two terms; some believed that the process should be completed as soon as possible. While some believed that a new referendum should be made on the issue of withdrawal from Europe and some insisted that it be canceled. Not yet had formal Brexit proceedings begun, there were cracks in the British royal family that were not considered good omen. Prince Harry and his American spouse have both left the royal palace.

According to the Birmingham Palace statement, he has withdrawn from the royal service and withdrawn his HRH titles. On the issue of Brexit in Britain, new Prime Minister Boris Johnson was obliged to withdraw from Europe by the end of October last year, and then the matter went to the pre-election. It seemed at first that the third Prime Minister would also go home because of Brexit, and Brexit might not be possible soon, but recent elections have turned the tide over. The ruling party has achieved a historic victory, as expected, and Johnson has become overwhelmed that he has received strong support over Brexit. In the future, after Brexit, Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Britain is concerned that it may pose many risks. These include the determination of the boundaries of Northern Ireland, Scotland’s connection to Britain, the conquest of the right to Gibraltar Island. In addition, complex issues may arise for foreign students and European workers working in UK schools. The initial date for Brexit was set on March 29, which was extended to October 31, 2019 and finally the last day of the New Year, January 2020, was declared the day of Brexit completion.

The story of getting a Brexit divorce from Europe begins in 2016, when the overwhelming majority of opinion polls backed out of Europe. The then prime minister, David Cameron, seemed very excited and satisfied, but the results of the referendum disappointed him and turned his hopes on. Consequently, he resigned from his position, deeming it his moral defeat. It is important to note that 53% of the vote was in support of the referendum results and 47% in opposition to those who support Europe. After the arrival of the new Prime Minister in May 2016, all his time in power was spent in defense of Brexit and the situation kept him upset, with 21 members of his party met with the opposition. Prime Minister Theresa May suffered three consecutive defeats in parliament. Then they could not defend Brexit and resigned. The next Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, took an aggressive approach to Brexit, announcing the Brexit deadline for 31 October that they will leave Europe on this due date without a contract or deal with the European Union. The Queen unilaterally locked Parliament for 5 weeks to make her plan a success which was an unconstitutional move that was intended to prevent any opposition to Brexit and no discussion was possible, but the Supreme Court intervened, dismissing the move and the Parliament was reopened after three days. Given the strong resistance of the opposition, the matter eventually settled on new elections.

Apparently it seemed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would lose power too, but on the contrary, the ruling Conservatives took the field with a large majority and paved the way for Brexit. After two-thirds majority, Brexit implementation has begun. Although the general election year in Britain was 2022, a consensus was reached in parliament to deal with the Brexit issue. Immediately after his victory, Boris Johnson said he had received a big mandate for Brexit. The Labor Party’s performance has been disappointing, leaving party president Jeremy Corbyn in charge. Analysts say it was the Labor Party’s worst defeat since World War II. He has had to face defeat where the 2016 Brexit project referendum received much support, including areas in northern England, the Midlander and Wales. Labor party votes have dropped 8 percent. On the contrary, the Scottish National Party SNP has a great win, winning 48 of the 59 seats in Scotland. That’s 13 seats over 35 compared to the previous election. Shortly after these results, the head of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, has said that our win is the clear message of another referendum! He has also given the Conservatives the impression that we voted to stay with the European Union in the referendum on Brexit in 2016!

Scotland is also an important member of the European Union and as a result of leaving the UK; it has to be separated from the European Union. And to become part of the European Union again, independence has to be recognized. So now the situation is heading to a new referendum for Scotland and as soon as it is decided whether it wants to remain part of the Kingdom or take refuge in the EU lap. The Scottish National Party has secured 45% of the Scottish vote cast in the current election. Which is welcome and it has increased 8% from the previous election results. In the UK, this election has had good results. The pound has risen to 1.35 against the dollar but the value of the euro has reached the highest level in three years. US President Donald Trump congratulated Boris, saying that after Brexit, Britain and the United States will now be free for new trade agreements. An ambassador from Europe is being sent to London in the month of February. Since the midnight of 31 January, Britain has now become a foreign country to Europe. However, as a neighbor it will be important. 29 UK MPs have tied up in the European Parliament and now Prime Minister Johnson will not be able to attend the Council of European Heads of Nations while they will continue to discuss Brexit issues. Michel Barnier, head of the EU negotiation team, has said that we will not be impressed! They also say that everything will change. Must wait now! The transfer has begun on February 1 and it is time to tell how the new relationship between the UK and Europe will be. Nothing is going to change immediately.

The Europe Withdrawal Agreement between London and Brussels is a 550-page document, the only official document on separation arrangements, because of this, communicating with Theresa May and Boris Johnson was a very difficult process. In its text, the rights of British citizens in the European Union, including social protection and retirement, are guaranteed throughout their lives. It will not apply to any retroactive law. On the other hand, they are being encouraged to complete the process to register themselves for their safety. An independent authority is being constituted for any such dispute that may arise. In terms of tourism, the bilateral traffic situation will remain unchanged from Europe or the UK by 2021, while the real identity will be required when entering the country. European Union and European Commission heads have also signed the Brexit agreement. The next turn is that of the European Parliament. At that time the negotiating mandate for European leaders will have to be decided by Michel Barnier. Negotiations are underway and are expected to continue until February 25.

Immigration and Trade Deals: An 11-month breaks to deal with the effects of Brexit’s immediate trauma. This is called the Period Transition. In the interim, Britain will be strongly negotiated for European relations with the UK, which is one of the early effects of separation. The trade deal, called the Political Statement, is an outline that will be published as soon as it leaves Europe. If everything goes under the plan like how would trade after Brexit? These details will be released during this transition period. The deal is designed to bridge the gap created by the regular European withdrawal from Europe and to begin a new relationship.

The EU separation bill, called Withrawal Agreemnet, was passed by 234 votes against 358 in parliament. Exit Deal contains 27 pages with the title, setting out the Framework for the Future Relation between Europian.Union and The United Kingdom. ۔ The British want to know whether trade will continue with the union, which will have to pay for imported goods or have a specific intact quota? Last year, the UK’s total trade (goods and services) was 1.3 trillion pounds. The BBC said in its comment that the British Cabinet unanimously supported a system based on skills rather than nationality. While the previous Prime Minister Theresa May has repeated many times that after Brexit, unlimited immigration from Europe will end! There is also a principle consensus that prejudice should not be averted for access to work, but one possible action that the EU’s light touch migration law could be made part of the Brexit deal.

Island of Gibraltar dispute: Since the beginning of Brexit, the island of Gibraltar has also begun to dispute. There was a Muslim government from 711 to 1462. The mountainous region of southern Spain that is famous for its limestone rock off islands. After the Muslims left for Spain, the Anglo-Dutch Army snatched it from Spain. But since 1713 it has been British territory. It is a very important military defense area, with a military base, port and airstrip for landing and landing of ships. It is an important place for shipping, shipping and transporting military equipment. Although part of the European Union, Gibraltar sets its own tariffs on imports from the outside; however, Spain and the United Kingdom both own their rights and cite UN resolutions in their claims.

The island of a population of 32,000 thousand people has the right to self-determination, but Spain does not recognize it. In 2002, 99% of Gibraltar residents rejected that Gibraltar’s sovereignty remained jointly with the United Kingdom and Spain. Spain is concerned that the island’s border is being misused and its resources are being damaged. On the Brexit issue it has been revealed that the agreement reached with the UK in the future after the UK leaves the European Union will not apply to Gibraltar without the will of Spain. The English people here voted against Brexit. At that time British Foreign Minister and current Prime Minister Johnson had said that there was no change in Gibraltar’s sovereignty and would not come. But the Spaniards are no different.

Will the English depart from Europe now? With the Brexit story, the EU’s commitment to its own languages ​​and nationalism has come to the fore. There are 24 official languages ​​in 28 countries of the Union. Language equality takes precedence here. In 2016, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Parliament for Constitutional Affairs, Ms. Danuta Hunber said that if we dont have the UK, we dont have English! That is, if we do not keep Britain, we will not keep English. These ladies are very active on this matter. He has said that there are risks to the official languages ​​of the union.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also said in bold words that Britain’s will is not going to work after Brexit! However, senior members of the European Parliament demand that the English language be no longer the official language of the union after the expulsion of the union. He too will be dismissed from the union. European experts say that English is a governing language. In Europe, non-English speakers are left behind compared to others. Linguistically, every state in the union has equal rights to use its language officially. The French political leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon also said long ago that the English could no longer exist as the working language of the European Parliament!

The European Parliament, a woman from Italy, has expressed her indignation at the English saying, “Why did we finally tolerate this vile language!” As a common language in Europe, the European Union has been active for many years. Supporters of Esperanto say that with all the official languages ​​of Europe, it is difficult to respect basic principles and equality with cultures. English is the only working language of the Central Union Bank, which has been prejudiced, so the easy and easy to learn language is Esperanto.


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