Tokyo Olympics announced, PM Suga Yoshihide and IOC chief Thomas Bach agree

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and IOC chief Thomas Bach

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and IOC chief Thomas Bach

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The Olympic Committee has announced that the Tokyo Olympics will be held between July 3 and August 8 next year. According to a report by a foreign news agency, the Olympic Committee has said that the Olympics will be held in a better and safer environment. If the Tokyo Olympics do not take place now, they will never be possible. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan has been postponed due to the corona virus. The Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held in Japan from July 24 to August 9 this year, but were not possible due to the epidemic. It should be noted that except for the First and Second World Wars, the Olympic Games have been held regularly every four years and so far every continent except Africa has had the opportunity to host them, although the five circles on the Olympic flag belong to the same continents. Point out competitions in 1916, 1940, and 1944 were canceled due to World War I, while large-scale boycotts due to the Cold War resulted in limited participation in the 1980 and 1984 competitions. Every two years, the Olympics provide an opportunity for anonymous athletes to become nationally and internationally famous and proud. In addition, these competitions are an opportunity for the host city, country and nation to present them to the world.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide and the head of the International Olympic Committee, and IOC, Thomas Bach have agreed to cooperate in making the Tokyo Games a success next year. Prime Minister Soga and Bach held a 30-minute meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo on Monday. The head of the IOC is visiting Japan for the first time since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games were postponed for a year due to a global outbreak of the corona virus. Prime Minister Suga said at the start of the talks that he intends to hold games next summer to prove that mankind has overcome the virus. He said the games would also show the world how the areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami have been rehabilitated.

Prime Minister Suga said that the government would make every effort to hold the Games in a safe and secure manner in close collaboration with the IOC. In response, Bach thanked for the commitment to hold the Games next year and said that he was also involved in the commitment to make the Games a great success. “We will once again make the Olympic Games a great symbol of unity and solidarity for the world, which we hope will be the world after the Corona virus by then,” Bach said. He expressed the hope that the Olympic torch would be the beacon at the end of the dark tunnel in which the world is now. Suga later told reporters he explained to Bach how Japan was preparing to accept spectators at the venues. The two also discussed the nature of measures to be taken against the virus, he said.


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