Mike Tyson returns to the ring after 15 years, fights to a draw with Roy Jones

Former US World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson and Roy Jones

Former US World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson and Roy Jones

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Former world heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson of the United States stepped into the ring 15 years later and ended the fight on a par with Roy Roy Jones in a friendly atmosphere. Mike Tyson entered the ring in his traditional style and waited for the bell to ring 15 years later. The two former champion boxers punched each other in 8 rounds in a friendly manner and continued to have fun and praised each other after the fight. The fight between the two boxers was spectacular, ending without a defeat, but Tyson said he was happy because he had not been knocked out. The two boxers walked out of the Staples Center after eight rounds of two, two minutes, smiling and not feeling tired. “It’s better to fight for the championship than to fight for the championship, and now that we’re working for human welfare, we can do something good for the world,” Tyson said. The former champion boxers raised funds for various charities through this exhibition competition and they also hinted at such competitions again. News of Mike Tyson’s return to the ring has sparked interest from fans around the world. He made fun of Jones by punching him in the face and said that it helped him to know about himself.

It may be recalled that Mike Tais had released a video of his training on social media in May this year on which his fans had urged him to return to boxing. The video showed Mike Tyson carrying the WBA, WBC and IBF titles and the message in the video was that I was back. Mike Tyson later said he wanted to return to the ring to raise money for charities, after which several names emerged to compete with the boxer known as Iron Mike. Roy Jones Jr., 51, who won a record seven ballots, last fought in 2018. In addition to Tyson, old rivals Evander Holyfield and New Zealand rugby great Sonny Bill Williams were also reported to have signed up before Roy Jones Jr. to compete. Mike Tyson set the record for the youngest heavyweight champion by defeating Trevor Berbeck in 1986 at the age of 20. Iron Mike has won 50 of 58 professional fights in his illustrious career, and quit boxing after losing to Kevin McBride in 2005.


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