John Cena hints at sensational retirement after The Undertaker             

The world's most popular Wrestler John Cena

The world’s most popular Wrestler John Cena

Los Angeles … News Time

The world’s most popular Wrestler John Cena had suffered the defeat of the Roman Reigns in the WWE event no Mercy last days. And it appears that they are now good luck to the world of racing or telling them. After winning the WWE World Champion 16 times, after defeat by the Roman Reigns, John Cena said, “The Undertaker said in WrestleMania 33, just like the crowds in Venue.” After the match ended, John Cena stayed in the color and kept photographing crowds. The 40-year-old star hugged fans and her relatives and then proceeded to go back to the back stage. But before that they too turned towards the crowded side. This strengthened the idea that this was the last venture in John Cena’s WWE or at least he would not be able to look at it for a while. Even after the match, he gave some indications about his future and retirement. Now I think my character is different, Regardless of the opportunities in the world, I am now 40 years old and my experience in WWE is 15 years old. And that too at the highest level, but at the highest level, I do not know how much longer I will look more. John Cena has disappeared for longer than WWE for the last two years, due to which his Hollywood career is. At that time, she has cast into 3 movies and after defeat in no Mercy, she is now taking a break for some time or plans to retirement, which is not currently clear. Well, after taking over the load of WWE brand for more than a decade, their role is changing now. So that means their covenant has ended. John Cena has already said that now it is difficult to work in the world of Wrestling and after defeat from the Roman Reigns, he has also given a retirement indicator. After the match, his fans continued to slogan “Thank you John Cena”.


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