International Olympic Committee welcomes the new head of the Tokyo Games

Hashimoto Seiko is the new head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee

Hashimoto Seiko is the new head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Board of Governors has welcomed Hashimoto Seiko, the new head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee. Hashimoto Seiko attended the IOC board meeting online on Wednesday. He was elected chairman of the executive committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games last week. IOC President Thomas Bach held a news conference after the meeting. Thomas Bach said that every member of the Board of Directors has welcomed the election of Hashimoto Seiko, as he is also a former Olympian and his political role as the former Minister in charge of the Tokyo Games. There is also character Thomas Bach praised Hashimoto Seiko’s priorities for the steering committee, which will focus on protection, gender equality and historical traditions. He said that these priorities are fully in line with the 2020 Olympic agenda. The IOC calls for a safe and secure Tokyo Games for everyone.

Thomas Bach said the decision on whether to allow overseas spectators to come to Japan to watch the once-postponed games could be made in late April or early May. The end of April would be the best time to decide on the matter, said Christophe DUBI, the Olympic Games’ managing director. He also hinted at the possibility of two separate decisions for local and foreign fans. The management committee and the IOC released a playbook earlier this month that included guidelines for reducing the risk of contracting the virus. According to IOC officials, they have received requests from about 150 players for the playbook. Officials say they plan to publish a new improved version of the booklet in April, which will outline more concrete steps.


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