World soccer organization FIFA, officials indicted

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Football’s executive body, FIFA, over a period of two decades of deceit, is trapped in the quagmire of corruption and bribery. Loretta Lynch said that Wednesday held a news conference in New York, said, when a federal crime under mass against 14 people associated with the FIFA investigation has been launched. It also stressed Loretta LynchThe allegations of corruption in that category are embedded, have become part of the system and are very deep nature. Many of these people have been exposed to damage. He said that since the 1991 FIFA officials who deal with organizations that include two generations, The market associated with the sports organizations are required to bribe, for which he received commercial rights to football tournaments are. According to Loretta Lynch, he repeated the process, do it year after year. It happened in the tournament after tournament. He suspects that the cause of corruption around the world put on the business of football, Aimed at promoting their own interests and equipment is to be rich. The indictment against 14 current and former officials have been charged under articles 47, The irregularities, embezzled money, and money is illegal shipments, A scheme for which the prosecution says that the administrative heads of the sports media included  And tournaments which included consuming millions of dollars in exchange for marketing rights. According to the Attorney General on corruption and bribery sports marketing for the 2011 FIFA presidential election had spread throughout, Which is an important American company, which produces sports clothing included.


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