What will be the future of the new protest movement in Iran?

What will be the future of the new protest movement in Iran?

What will be the future of the new protest movement in Iran?

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Iran’s revolutionary leadership is suffering from another major crisis in its history, In the last days of 2017, Iran was once again surrounded by strong demonstrations, Although the demonstrations have accelerated in the early days of 2018, their effects will appear clearly. One of influences of former Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad, who was detained under the order of the current Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani. They are accused of playing the most important role in recent protests. This series of demonstrations began on December 28 in Iran’s second largest city Mashhad; over two dozen people were killed in clashes between security forces and protesters. According to non-governmental sources, a thousand people were arrested, according to some other reports, more than 50 people were killed and more than 4000 arrested. Most protesters were young people working class. They had no leaders, no plans were realized nor were they organized by social media campaigns. However, he was doing a lot of slogans against the government.

On January 4, Maj Gen Mohammad Ali Jafri, the head of the Paswan Revolution, announced that the country’s rebellion has been defeated. They declared this when thousands of people came out of the streets in favor of government against anti-government protests. Iran’s official TV channel showed the demonstrations directly to the government, the cities in which the protest demonstrated against the government include Karmanshah, Elam and Gorgan. In the process of withdrawal of the government, people raised photos of Iran’s national flag and Supreme Leader Khamenei; protesters were slammed against the United States.

Maj Gen Mohammad Ali Jafri added: Today we can say that the 96 rebellion has been erased. His sign was towards the Persian calendar, according to the year 1396. He added that the enemies were defeated due to security and the public’s monitoring and in three provinces; the rules of the Revolutionary Revolution took limited measures. According to them, everywhere there were 1500 people, while the number of protesters did not exceed 15,000.

This protest is the biggest public protest since the 2009 release of reforms. Due to this, the standard life and corruption of the people is described in Iran. However, Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the country’s enemies are giving this protest. He says that in recent times Iran’s enemies have used various weapons including weapons, weapons, politics and secretive institutions to destroy the situation in Iran. However, Major General Jafri imposed on the anti-revolutionary anti-revolutionary forces, accused of this rebellion. In their words, the enemies tried to create cultural, economic and security concerns in Iran. The leader of the Guardian Revolution also accused of exhibitions on former officials. Analysts were already claiming that Major General Jafri is referring to former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Three days later, his claim proved true.

What was the reason for these protests?  Why did they need to do so if the former president was behind the protests? Some analysts say despite the increase in unemployment and economic sanctions, there was no improvement in standard life of ordinary Iranians, The fields of Iranian economy also suffered from major problems that are not dependent on oil. Although the government claims that unemployment rate is 12 percent 5 percent but unemployment in millions of young Iranians is far higher than that, the rate of inflation in the country has also been 10 percent.

According to Taylor Badawi, linked to Istanbul-based research agency Al-Razaq forum, what is going on in Iran is a crisis of hope and people are suffering from severe economic disadvantages. Some sources say that in the case of recent protests, the same people came to the streets earlier, on the streets of Iran, celebrating the US nuclear deal. He believed that after the nuclear deal, the doors of development and prosperity would open for the Iranian people however, after passing 2 years their dreams are not being fulfilled.

Experts say that after the recent wave of anxiety, President Hassan Rohani may get some basic changes in his economic policies; they spend more money on generating new sources, change the Iranian rate of exchange rates to overcome rising inflation. And take more steps to eliminate the country’s spread of corruption. A major reason for recent protests is also the growing incidents of corruption. Experts say that these possibilities mean that President Rohani will have to make a big change in his policy. He was still adopting traditional budget policy to overcome the imbalance of government spending; one of his aims was to make Iran an attractive country for foreign investors. As a result, during that period, if they did any action against financial corruption, they had to face severe resistance from the country’s powerful economic constituencies. But perhaps the president has no other way now. The Iranian economist says that eliminating the root of corruption in Iran will not be less than a patience campaign for President Rohani, but the president has no longer left the other way. Disappointment in people is increasing; everyday resistance and disorders will be present in such a situation.

When we review the causes of unhealthy unhealthy irritation inside Iran so seems that President Hassan Rohani left the policy of former President Mahmoud Nejad shortly after the government was held in 2013. Under which the families of medium and low income households were provided cash from the government, they tried to keep the government spending low in the next financial year for the new financial year starting from March. Now since economic sanctions are over, such kind of elaboration is not ready to bear the Iranian people. On the other hand, foreigners are also hesitant to do business with Iran, One of the reasons why US President Donald Trump is a tough stand against trade and investment with Iran.

The study found that in the first 3 of the above reasons, this year has been seen more insufficient. For instance, in the north-eastern areas of Iran, the proportion of unemployment in the youth has increased to 45% and jobs in these areas are becoming lesser in those areas. One year ago, a US dollar was equivalent to 36,000 Iranian rials, but now it costs 42900. It may be possible that the government can save Iranian currency from falling further by withdrawing money from Iranian assets abroad but the danger is that foreign investors will be disappointed due to such a move, Last month; the IMF warned the Iranian government that this policy could prove to be harmful for the Iranian economy.

According to an estimate, more than 60 percent of Iran’s economic assets are in the hands of the revolutionaries and similar institutions, since these institutions do not pay taxes, small businesses are affected by competition and the new jobs are not created. The spiritual government was trying to solve this problem, he was trying to make all the institutions hold tax calculation and make the business world more transparent. However, the government is not able to bring any immediate improvement in the economy. The government may take immediate steps to improve employment opportunities but it is not possible that the government can close cash assistance to the poor families, to reduce the pressure on banks, only a sustainable policy can work to overcome problems such as diversity in the economy. No nuclear change will be made in the Iranian government’s policy. The government will try to talk to people openly, keep a new policy in front of them, but the real problem is the problems of the Iranian economy, such as lack of diversity in the economy, with bank issues and other problems with Iran, especially with the Trump. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump tweeted for protesters while the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Hela, described this stand completely unaware of Iran, which was said to have an external hand in protest. According to the reports, there are still protests in some cities including Doddan; the demands of the release of protesters are being released.


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