What does Imran Khan want?

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan

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Why is Prime Minister Imran Khan in such a hurry for electoral reforms? Recently, he invited the opposition to hold talks on electoral reforms. The opposition refused to negotiate directly with the government, arguing that we were ready to negotiate with the Election Commission. Talks had just begun when two ordinances were approved at a meeting of the federal cabinet on Tuesday. Less than one ordinance, the Election Commission will be able to use electronic voting machines from now on, and under another ordinance, overseas Pakistanis will have the right to vote. Wouldn’t it be better if this matter was decided by legislation in Parliament? The approval of the draft ordinance has started a new series of rumors and gossip. Some people are claiming from their reliable sources that Prime Minister Imran Khan will break up the assemblies himself and hold early elections to take advantage of the internal differences of the opposition parties. If these reports are to be believed, the question arises as to how many by-elections have been held in the last few months in which the ruling party has suffered the most defeats.

Imran Khan’s government is very unpopular, then why do they want to hold early elections? The general idea is that the PML-N will benefit the most from the early elections, so is Imran Khan scaring anyone with rumors of new elections or is he really convinced that he is someone from the differences between the opposition parties? Take advantage? The differences in the leadership of the opposition are becoming more and more serious. As much as there is a difference of opinion in the media, in fact, its nature is very serious because from the inside, they all know that in the media, they continue to have secret meetings with the forces which they keep calling bad things in gestures.

On the other hand, differences in the ruling party have intensified and the unrest in the PTI members in the National and Provincial Assemblies is visible to all. Along with the opposition, the ruling party is also suffering from internal disintegration, but the opposition will benefit the most from the new elections. Does Imran Khan want to present himself to the opposition by putting himself on the power plate through early elections? Some ministers in Imran Khan’s cabinet believe that Pakistan’s biggest problem at the moment is its rapidly declining economy and that it will be very difficult to handle in the next two years. He also knows that the opposition can win a majority in early elections, but the experience of three years of government has forced him to say to himself that if Shahbaz Sharif or Bilawal Bhutto Zardari forms a government together. They will not be able to walk even for a year. First we will fight among ourselves and then by quarreling with the institutions we will once again pave our way. This is the thinking that is on the minds of some people around Imran Khan.

He thinks that Imran Khan has refused to take some important decisions regarding foreign policy. If the next government has to make these decisions, people will remember us. Apparently, this is a very poetic thought, but there is no political understanding behind this thought. Instead of changing the way the government is run to solve the country’s problems, there is a readiness to run away from the government. Imran Khan has recently said that all political parties are making noise of rigging in NA-249 by-election. Every election in Pakistan except 1970 was rigged so we are committed to electoral reforms to stop rigging. The first is that in NA-249, the PPP is not making a fuss about rigging but calling those who accuse rigging an enemy of democracy.

Secondly, the 1970 election was not free and fair and has been witnessed by those who worked with the then President General Yahya Khan. Singer Adnan Sami’s father Arshad Sami Khan worked with General Ayub Khan, General Yahya Khan and then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was a squadron leader in the Air Force and was serving as Yahya Khan’s ADC. In his book THREE PRESIDENTS AND AN AIDE, he has scattered the fragments of the 1970 election. He writes that these elections were to be held in October 1970 but Chief Election Commissioner Justice Abdul Sattar held the elections in December 1970 due to technical reasons which benefited Sheikh Mujib. On December 7, Yahya Khan stamped the bicycle symbol in Rawalpindi, which was the symbol of the Muslim League. When the results started coming on PTV at night, Yahya Khan asked Arshad Sami to call Major General Omar. When General Omar came to the line, Yahya said, “Omar, where did your guess go?” Where did those who gave money to Khan Qayyum Khan and Bhashani go? Omar remained silent; Yahya Khan ordered that now the Provincial Assembly elections will be held in a week. I do not know any fair and free. The next result should be different. General Omar said yes but could not do anything. Former DG ISPR Brigadier AR Siddiqui has written in his book on Yahya that Khan Qayyum’s convention in East Pakistan besides Muslim League and Jamaat-e-Islami, Abdul Saboor Khan, Fazlullah Chaudhry, Noorul Amin, Khawaja Khairuddin and Maulvi Farid-ud-Din and many others were given money by a Colonel SD Ahmed but to no avail.

The estimates of the intelligence agencies continued to prove wrong later. Shahid Hamid wrote in his book TREASURED MEMORIES that while he was working with President Farooq Leghari and Prime Minister Meraj Khalid as Defense Minister, one day ISI chief Naseem Rana told us in a briefing that the Muslim League in the election N will get 90 to 100 seats and PPP will get 50 to 60 seats. The remaining seats will be taken by independent candidates and smaller parties. When the results of the 1997 elections came out, the PML-N won 137 seats and the PPP 18 seats. Make reforms to prevent election rigging, but the real problem is not the rigging on Election Day. The real problem is the pre-election manipulation. The role of non-political forces in this manipulation needs to be abolished. Will not happen for now, Imran Khan does not want to end this role. He would rather bring the opposition into the government and humiliate them.


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