West Bank mosque torched fanatical Jewsh

A group of Jews in the town of al-Jaba set fire to the Al-Huda Mosque

A group of Jews in the town of al-Jaba set fire to the Al-Huda Mosque


Fanatical Jews in the occupied West Bank Al-Huda Mosque set on fire, building damage, equipment burned, no one was hurt, offensive writing on the building, Muslims protest. According to details, a group of Jewish extremists in Kashmir Bank town of Al-Huda Mosque, located in al-Jaba set on fire, causing substantial damage to the building and equipment were burned. Located near the town of al-Jaba Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers shot two days ago, a Palestinian teenager was killed. Having killed the young members of Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a refugee camp was killed in action. Israel says Palestinian refugee camp was pelted stones on themto which he responded and failure to disperse the protesters, he felt himself in danger and shot the young man who led the protesters. Young’s testimony has been tense in the area. Residents said the attackers broke the windows of the mosque and then thrown in the flammable substance, causing a fire and was burned to the ground equipment, but no casualties were reported. Timely action by local Muslims put out the fire. Attackers are offensive movement on the walls of the building. Muslims set fire to the mosque protested against the move. The same group also tried to burn down mosques in different areas wasPamphlets were also distributed some time ago, the government of Palestinian homes demolished residential colonies for settlement was called for.


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