US President Donald Trump: threatens the future of the world

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

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An American journalist H.L. Mencken wrote on July 26, 1920, in The Baltimore Evening Sun now that while democracy is very satisfactory and approaches the masses, On the one hand a simple day, the desire of simple people will be fulfilled that there will be some lesser understanding on the White House, it seems that it has happened.

On December 30, 2017, the former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton were sitting together on the occasion of the Donald Trump’s ceremony. Hillary Clinton then said in a TV interview, the first non-serious demonstration was performed at the event; this was not done earlier in the ceremony of any American President’s oath. 97 years ago, every word of a journalist and intellectual is confirmed, While interviewing RT TV, a woman’s political analyst, said the actions of Donald Trump are a child and non-serious. He demanded that Reincarnes should take notice of the actions of Donald Trump as they are the commander of the United States commander. And also that the responsibility of their actions is imposed on the whole country of America, He advised the Donald Trump to honor his behavior, Now the reputation of the US is getting down, the future of America is in the hands of a man who is untrue and threatens the world.

US President and his military cabinet have launched a campaign against Pakistan. US Secretary of State Rex Tallerson visited the Bagram air base on October 20, 2017, where there are 20 thousand American soldiers and civilians living or working, and they were so scary as if a rocket or mortar is going to be attacked. After eating a 16-year war after the defeat of the United States, the United States has locked in land dams. The US Foreign Minister gave a statement on December 12, 2017 that the attack that could be in Kabul could be in Islamabad even if terrorism was not controlled. But they forgot that America is not occupied by Afghanistan, Pakistan nor Pakistan can fight the war of an incredible country like Pakistan. The US President charged on January 1, 2018, in which he accused of playing double games on Pakistan, It is a lie and said that Pakistan has been making America a fool, The United States has become so foolish that he gave 33 million dollars to Pakistan in 15 years, now he will not give further assistance. His statement came after the statement of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafour that Pakistan has done a lot to the United States and it is not ready to do anything more. The US President gave this tweet as a warning to the start of the New Year at 4:00 am, 12 minutes. After this, American Vice President Mike Pence accused Pakistan of the Bagram base that there are safe sanctuary in Pakistan and the US has kept Pakistan on notice. Pakistan’s serious reaction came to it and it clearly stated that in Pakistan we control terrorism.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister said that Pakistan has done a lot and we are not ready to do anything more for America, the relationship with the US has always been damaged. The Pakistani Defense Minister said that the war of America is not ready to fight against Pakistan’s soil. Former US Secretary Chuck Hagel has told the people, He said at an event that India has been investing to create problems against Pakistan for many years; India is troubling both sides of the border and in many ways, Pakistan. Indian help is open to the Taliban fighters against Pakistan. Ajit Doval, Indian National Security Adviser, has also admitted it. Terrorists do terrorism if someone says so we give terrorism a day by giving them one and a half more. After the arrest of the Tehreek-Taliban-Taliban-Taliban-Awami Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), he said that India helps the Taliban against Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, He also said that the United States, India and Afghanistan are working against Pakistan, Afghanistan and India’s agencies are working together and these two agencies make terrorism against Pakistan. Chuck Hagel says Kulbhushan’s case is a proof that how India makes terrorism, According to Kulbhushan, anti-Pakistan Taliban attacked Pakistan’s Mehran base, which caused Pakistan to deteriorate, They have deep links with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (P) and RAW. However, the whole world has come to know who actually terrorism is and who the patron of these terrorists is.

The statement of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai is that thousands of Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists have gathered in Afghanistan to use the terrorists against Pakistan, the tweet of the US President was actually after the Indian demand He can give the United States with China at this time when the United States acts against Pakistan.

On December 26, 2017, the meeting between Pakistan security affairs adviser General (R) Nasir Janjuwa and Indian security affairs adviser Ajit Doval was held in Bangkok. We believe this must have been argued that the region should not be a war zone and on American princes and India itself do not move beyond their limits so that bloody warfare will be spoiled. This will damage the people of both countries. However, in our opinion, the US Military Establishment, the US Military Industry, The new conservative and world-rich American man named Donald Trump has made the President of America a less intelligent mind. Those fear the war in the world and promote its warfare, so that they are creating such conditions throughout the world so that the system of the world worsens and Pakistan remains under pressure, it will control the Haqqani group. This pressure is like 9/11 but now the situation is different. Pakistan is not ready to come to any pressure, since 2010, it began to be separated from Pakistan, America. In 2011, there were many incidents that were reminding each other between Pakistan and America, such as Raymond Davis, Abbottabad events. Now Pakistan is capable of tolerating more secure and American pressure, the idea of ​​keeping America, putting Pakistan under pressure, and not threatening the future of the world because the global war can be the region will be in danger.


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