US President Donald Trump and Russian President Putin expected to meet in Helsinki next month

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Putin

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Putin

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US President Donald Trump told a statement in a recent statement that he would meet in Russian President Vladimir Putin in next month’s Helsinki Syria and Ukraine will discuss detailed matters. Speaking to reporters at the US presidential plane going to New Jersey, President Trump said that he would also raise a case of alleged Russian interference in the US election in connection with his Russian counterparts. Russia’s advisor Yuri Ushakov said in a statement Wednesday Russia and US presidents can agree on a meeting in a third country. He said that after meeting him at the Moscow National Security Advisor John Bolton’s visit to Moscow. The statement issued by the Moscow on Thursday said that the meeting between the two presidents will be held in Helsinki, Finland’s next month. President Trum had sent a letter to the National Security Advisor John Bolton to Moscow to reduce stress with Russia. The purpose of this visit is to improve the relationship between the two countries and to facilitate the meeting of both the presidents. Observers believe that the meeting of Trump and Putin will help the melting of two tension.


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