U S and Japan joint military exercises start in the state of California

These exercises include 350 US officials and 350 personnel of Japan's Defense Force

These exercises include 350 US officials and 350 personnel of Japan’s Defense Force

Washington … News Time

U S and Japan start joint military exercises that are happening at this time when the situation is torn due to North Korea’s ballistic missiles’ experiments. The 13th iron first military exercises between the two countries started in California in the western state of California. These exercises will conduct joint and ground offensive training with 350 US military personnel and 350 soldiers of Japan’s Defense Force. US military spokesman says it is a realistic and difficult training practice combined with Japan so that if something happens in the Pacific region, it can be prepared to answer. On the other hand, the United States and South Korea had recently suspended joint military exercises till the completion of the next month’s Winter Olympics. US Defense Minister James Mattis said that these exercises will start after paragraphs playing on March 9-18. This will be held in South Korea’s city of Pyeongchang, where the next winter Olympics is held.


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