Turkish bombing of Kurds, the risk of tension with the United States

Turkish bombing of Kurds

Turkish bombing of Kurds

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An unexpected armed Turkish Kurd rebels killed in action in Iraq has been reported in which Turkey and the United States and Turkey have been strained by the possibility of targeting the Iraqi Kurds and Ankara to Washington could have an impact on relations. Obama administration official as saying that Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey after recent bloody attacks in Iraq and Washington have the right to protect the Kurds in Iraq to repel not only the full support but also providing them weapons. Srf Iraq while Turkey is not the country for the first time after 4 years in the northeast of the Kurdish militants has bombed hideouts. The two F-sixteen Turkish military planes located in the mountainous area of ​​Iraq terrorist group bombed thkanun. The Turkish military has said that Kurdish fighters had fired on security forces in the area after the air has been attacked. In addition, Turkey’s recent offensive against the Islamic Saudi Arabia also decided to side with Turkey openly. Salman bin Abdul-Aziz said that Turkish military action against Iraq is justified and Riyadh Ankara’s full support in this operation. The Egyptian Interior Ministry in the northern region of Turkish air strikes against Iraq was opposed and said that Syria’s territorial sovereignty must be respected.


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