The youngest patient in the hands of transplant success

Zion Harvey youngest child in the US

Zion Harvey youngest child in the US

Philadelphia … News Time

The youngest child in the United States after the complex operation that both hands have been provided until now under the patient’s first experience doubles the transfer. 8-year-old American boy Zion Harvey, a disease affecting the blood vessels, causing gangrene was posed over his hands up to the wrist, and they had to amputate. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a team of 40 doctors, the new and the old bones are linked by steel plates and screw the team of experts of the veins, arteries, muscles and nerves had got one. Given the size of the child’s hand, there were only 15 children in the hands of a child in accordance with its size and age, and the child was near death Having learned during its long operation that involved not as accurate as a hand vein, causing blood to stop the transfer had been white, Doctors said the baby’s veins pair of re-operation after the blood began to flow. The child’s infection was a year ago in which it was cut with both hands and both feet were kidney However, a kidney from her mother was moved and simulation were set foot on which he could race.


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