Taliban government has appointed diplomats in China and Iran

Taliban government has appointed diplomats in China and Iran

Taliban government has appointed diplomats in China and Iran

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After Pakistan, the Taliban government in Afghanistan has now appointed diplomats for China and Iran as well. Following the resignation of Javid Ahmad Qaem, Afghanistan’s secretary for China, the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate has appointed Mahyuddin Sadat as its first secretary. Javid Ahmad Qaem has tendered his resignation to the Foreign Ministry in Kabul and the same resignation mentions the appointment of Mahyuddin Sadat as Secretary in China. In Kabul, a Foreign Ministry official confirmed the appointment of Mahyuddin Sadat as the caretaker Minister. “We are trying to send them to Beijing as soon as possible,” he told Kabul. Mahyuddin Sadat, a graduate of the Islamic University of Islamabad, was attached to the Taliban’s political office in Qatar before the formation of the Taliban government.

China plans to convene a meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbors for the third such meeting to assess the situation in Afghanistan and its implications for neighboring countries. Earlier, Pakistan and Iran had also hosted a meeting on Afghanistan. In October, Chinese Consul and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks in Doha, Qatar, with Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting foreign minister of the Afghan Taliban’s interim government, who in August took control of Afghanistan. This was the first high-level meeting between the Taliban and China since.

According to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, after the resignation of Afghan Ambassador Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, the Taliban has also appointed Abdul Qayyum Sulaimani as acting ambassador to Iran. Abdul Qayyum Sulaimani, who worked at the Afghan embassy, ​​was appointed during the visit of Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki to Iran. Arab sources in Islamabad say that Kabul has also appointed political spokesman Dr Muhammad Naeem in Doha as its charge d’affaires in Qatar. The Taliban has had its political headquarters in Doha since 2013, where it signed a landmark agreement with the United States in February 2020. According to sources, Qatar has not yet accepted the Taliban’s offer to appoint a diplomat. The Taliban has also nominated diplomats for several Central Asian and regional countries, an Afghan official told Kabul. Pakistan was the first country to accept the appointment of a Taliban diplomat in October, with Shakib Ahmed now serving as Afghan charge d’affaires in Islamabad and three Afghan consulates in Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi. No country has recognized the Taliban government since the capture of Kabul in August. In early December, a UN committee postponed a decision on who would represent Afghanistan at the United Nations, with the Taliban nominating Sohail Shaheen as its political spokesman in Qatar.


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