Russian President threatens to attack Romania and Poland in connection with favour of US 

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow … News Time

Romania and Poland in the United States is building a missile shield, which Russia considers a threat to its own. In this case, Russian President Vladimir Putin to the US has also threatened to attack Poland and Romania in clear words. British newspaper Daily Mail reported Vladimir Putin has said Romania and Poland that if you install a US missile shield will you be targeting our missiles. Russian President made this promise while addressing a joint news conference with Greek Prime Minister yesterday in Athens. The missile shield was said in a statement released by the US Army at the beginning of this month these countries have been installed to prevent missile attacks from Iran, not to scare Russia. But the anger is raging in Russia. During the conference, Vladimir Putin said that Romania and Poland do not understand it, they are they are forcing us to take steps for their protection. We will not take any initiatives but will definitely answer these actions of the United States. We do not see any rocket will not do it until their neighbors. Russian President declared a stupid thing to install a shield for Iran to avoid US military said it has reached a nuclear deal with Iran and restrictions have been imposed on it. Iran has accepted an agreement that will stop the nuclear program. In contrast, the United States will make it through the missile shield; he could easily hit Russian cities, If we look at the US missiles in Poland and Romania we will take every possible measure against this.


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