Prince Philip’s last rites: Royal family will not wear military uniforms

Prince Philip's last rites will be performed at Windsor Castle on Saturday

Prince Philip’s last rites will be performed at Windsor Castle on Saturday

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The Queen has banned family members from attending the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, from wearing military uniforms. According to the tradition of the British royal family, members of the royal family wear special military uniforms on important occasions. According to the British news agency Reuters, the decision was made by the Queen to save her son Prince Andrew and grandson Prince Harry from any kind of embarrassment. The last rites of Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99, will be performed at Windsor Castle on Saturday. According to the news agency, a statement issued by Buckingham Palace said that the members of the royal family attending the last rites of Prince Philip will wear formal clothes instead of military uniforms.

It is to be noted that his honorary military posts were withdrawn after Prince Harry announced his resignation from royal duties, after which he was no longer eligible to wear his military uniform. Prince Andrew, the 61-year-old son of the Queen and Prince Philip, was also stripped of his honorary rank of Admiral, after which he too could not wear his military uniform. According to the British newspaper, Prince Andrew has also expressed his desire to wear his military uniform on the occasion of his father’s last rites. According to the news agency, the spokesperson of Buckingham Palace has said that all the preparations for the ceremony have been done under the orders of the Queen. Prince Philip’s last rites will be attended by 30 members of the family, including the Queen. On the day of the last rites, Prince Philip’s body will be transported to St. George’s Chapel in a specially designed Land Rover. Members of the royal family, including the Queen and Prince Philip’s son, Prince Charles, will follow Prince Philip’s funeral, while the Queen will go to the chapel separately. There will be a minute of silence across the country during the 50-minute event.


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