Plan for further destruction in Afghanistan?

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan will be completed by September 11 this year

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan will be completed by September 11 this year

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There has been talk of a complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan for four or five years, but it is not working. The reason for this is that the situation in Afghanistan is not coming to a level where Western forces can hand over matters to the government with full satisfaction. On April 25, General Scott Miller, commander of US and allied forces in Afghanistan, announced the start of the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, as planned by US President Joe Biden. The evacuation will be completed by September 11 this year. Does the US want to end the war on terror completely? To understand this fact, we need to look at the results of this war so far. The United States has suffered extraordinary casualties in Afghanistan. The direct casualties are more than 2,500 soldiers. More than 20,000 soldiers have been injured. More than 4,000 US contractors have been killed by the Taliban and other parties in Afghanistan so far. A significant number of those who worked in the name of America were also injured. The Afghan National Forces have lost more than 60,000 lives. What has been done in Afghanistan in the name of the war on terror has resulted in the deaths of a large number of innocent, unarmed civilians. It is extremely difficult to compile accurate figures for these deaths. According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 civilians have been killed in the last 10 years. It is not possible to compile the most comprehensive statistics on the indirect deaths that have occurred as a result of the economic and social ills, mismanagement and corruption caused by the war.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate what the United States will have to spend on continuing the war in Afghanistan. According to figures compiled by Brown University, the United States has spent about 2,000 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan and an additional 500 billion dollars on the treatment of veterans. An estimated 1500 billion dollars has been spent on the war, but it is not possible to compile accurate figures. Afghan 87 billion dollars has been spent on training and arming the Afghan army. 54 billion dollars was spent on economic aid and reconstruction. A large part of this money was spent on corruption and mismanagement. Neither hospitals nor schools were built as needed. Most schools are only on paper. 10 billion dollars was spent to stop the cultivation of narcotics. And the result? Today, poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has quadrupled. Eighty percent of the world’s illegally grown poppy comes from Afghanistan. The United States is heavily indebted internally to pay for the war in Afghanistan. 500 billion dollars of the funds received from taxpayers is to be paid into the debt account and another 600 billion dollars is to be borne by the taxpayers. The war that has shed rivers of blood and caused massive financial losses has proved to be politically and militarily devastating for the United States. If anyone has enjoyed this sport, it is the Military Industrial Complex. Weapons and military equipment manufacturers reaped huge profits from the war.

The New York Times writes that efforts by the United States and its allies to root out the Taliban have failed. The Taliban have re-emerged. They are either re-occupying or preparing for large areas of the country. US Secretary of State Blankenship says the United States has recognized the Taliban so that if their government is established in Afghanistan, they will not show too much repression or harshness and the world powers will not hesitate to support them.

The New York Times adds that the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and allies want a less visible surveillance setup in Afghanistan to monitor regional affairs. In this regard, the focus is on controlling matters through drones, long-range bombers and spy networks. US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of 2,500 troops, while the Department of Defense wants to keep more than 1,000 troops on Afghan soil. They include members of the Pentagon and CIA Special Forces. In addition, there are about 16 US contractors who will continue to play a key role in training Afghan forces. All this preparation is so that Afghanistan does not turn into a stronghold of terrorism against the United States again. The fact that the United States and its allies cannot leave this country at the crossroads of the Middle East and Central, South and East Asia cannot be ignored. From a strategic point of view, America’s first priority is not to leave too much room for China and Russia in Afghanistan.


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