Pakistan’s Supreme Court rejects review petition

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Islamabad — News Time

Apex former military President Pervez Musharraf from July 31, 2009 decision of the review petition, saying that over the term and on merit not. Applicants failed to prove that the Supreme Court July 31 the then Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry in the decision behavior based on prejudice. Court decision of 31 July 2009 does not feel the need to intervene. Chief Justice confirmed Hussain Jilani fourteen- member larger bench headed by Musharraf on 31 July 2009 decision review hearing., Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said the review so if that Musharraf apologize want. Musharraf’s lawyer Sharif ud Din Pirzada said his client Nov 3, 2007 No apology will offer an emergency measure, the Supreme Court endorsed the move to the courts in the past have been. Court said that will not happen. lawyer said his client and then Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry from the time when the differences between Pervez Musharraf called the Army House., Justice Jawad said that the fairness of the then Army Chief appears., Justice Khilji Arif Hussain said when former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, Pervez Musharraf wrote to the year one thousand people were killed, while in 2013 six thousand people died, which means that the country’s state of emergency be imposed. Lawyer says Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency rule, which he said Justice Khilji also say that he was the blackest of India. Bangladesh regarding the punishment for treason is 7 o. Pirzada said with the coup, was killed in almost every country, but most countries that ratified the Constitution. Chief Minister and judges of the Supreme Court has said, quoting a lot. Justice Jawad S Khawaja said that Quaid emergency and hardly be said with regard to martial law. Chief Justice said that he took the name of Quaid we are eager to hear from you. Pirzada read the words of the Quaid. Quaid-e -Azam a copy of the speech. Quaid said only civil and criminal appeals to the Supreme Court in favor of the constitutional Court and the Federal Court ruled. Chief Justice said what you think the Quaid separate constitutional court to establish wanted., Justice Saqib said application issue not related., Justice Azmat said the relevant evidence can not be. Pirzada said that in 1959 the Federal constitutional Court was established, other courts were established. These courts settle disputes between states and their citizens’ requests concerning the hearings were that the Constitution was violated. Justice Asif Khosa said that your aim the gun on the shoulder of Quaid Why do you want to keep? Pirzada said that I’m not saying that you are wrong. Chief Justice said that Quaid-e -Azam’s speech AG Noorani’s article we have read. You say that you only want to quote. Pirzada said, I want to say with regard to the Charter of Democracy. Said that Justice is not concerned with the application, but if you read the study argued. Asif said two minutes left you read. Sharif ud Din Pirzada Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif written contract between the Charter of Democracy presented. Ibrahim Sharif ud Din Pirzada Sati after the evidence was presented and referred to the court’s decision and said we leave you at the mercy of the court. Accept the first thing that we review, so it can not be kept away from court to court cases. Court rejected all arguments by rejecting requests to review Turn.


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