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On one side Mian Nawaz Sharif, on Avenfield Reference Bail, Badship in Flagship, 7 years imprisonment in Al-Azizia Reference, $ 3 billion fine, Property seized, worthless for 10 years, seized assets of Hill Metal, Azizi decision was made of 131 pages, Let’s tell the decision, Nawaz Sharif’s position lies in lieutenant, failure to give a mini trail, no evidence evidence, Regardless of the decision, Gulf Steel Mill sales contract claims lies, investment queues, Not even a bank transaction, Mian Sahib made the names of children, Corruption, corrupt practice, corrupt tactics, Nawaz Sharif, Hasan, Hussain three together together with corruption, in this case, Mian Sahib did not intentionally present before the inquiry officer. Deliberately advertise children.

Nawaz Sharif has not reached the rules of Article 129,119,117, Nawaz Sharif received 88 per cent profit from the Hill Metal Company, which got billions of rupees and accepted it. According to the decision, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice proved Nawaz Sharif to be a liar, Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Qasim Al Thani gave no evidence regarding the sale of Gulf Steel Mill and confirming Hassan, Hussein’s statement about the cash, where did the money come for Al-Azizia and Hill Metal, do not know when two companies buy $ 22 million. The House of Allah had a dairy amount when $ 860,000, where the remaining $ 21 million came from, that is, I have been borrowed from banks or someone has invested, no record and according to the decision, the reference of the reference till the arrest of Hassan, Hussain or the present will remain in the court.

In short, three references include 183 hearings; 165 times presented by Mian, but the same thing, how to earn money, get out, how to buy properties, no answer, where the invoices, mini trails, no answers, investigations from Jeddah Dubai, how to Dubai from London, Qatar to London, no answer, Why do not your Witnesses bring Hassan, Hussein, no answer, when Mr. Mahe was punished, the Indian film stirred the stain of the song and saying that my conscience was satisfied with the custom jail coat written, where B-Class, separate room, TV, newspaper, table chair, bed, heater, and a few minutes waiting for Shahbaz Sharif.

Hearing here, Mian Sahib, when he reached the Kot Lakhpat jail, received 200 to 250 people, welcome to Lahore, Muslim League’s Larkana, where the last 10 years of government and entire Punjab funds and yes, sir will get food from home, let’s do it well but they will teach children, abuses, what accusations, what they will study, what they will learn about. According to the JIT report, the corruption of corrupt plots, corruption, corruption, bribes from contractors, on one side, corrupt tool did not even forgive the poor farmers, Subsidy on sugar was to be given to the farmers, taken themselves, to give the subsidy farmers to tractors, every tractor 300,000, a small tractor took the subsidy by 200,000. It is surprising that after doing so much; the satisfaction of Nawaz Sharif’s supplication is amazing, greetings with both hands, to those in-Japan Japan culprits.


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