NATO-Russia meeting on Ukraine ends inconclusively

NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels ended inconclusively

NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels ended inconclusively

Brussels … News time

NATO-Russia meeting on Ukraine ends inconclusively. In this regard, the two sides reiterated their previous positions at the NATO-Russia Council meeting held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Russia reiterated its position at the meeting that NATO should not make new members and withdraw allied forces from its eastern countries, while NATO said it would maintain its open-door policy. At the same time, NATO made it clear to Russia that each country should have the right to choose which security policy to adopt and who to choose as its friend.

On the other hand, addressing a press conference after the meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that this meeting took place between the two sides after 2 years. “We have had serious and direct talks with Russia on the issue of Ukraine and European security,” he said. He added that this was not an easy conversation as there were significant differences between NATO allies and Russia on these issues. According to the NATO chief, the two sides discussed the possibility of re-establishing their offices in Brussels and Moscow, discussed in detail ways to improve military communication channels, including arms control and non-proliferation, disarmament, and the removal of cross-border missiles.


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