NAB should take immediate steps to bring back Hussain Haqqani, Orange Line project was non-standard work, Chief Justice

Hussain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador in the US

Hussain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador in the US

Islamabad … News Time

The Supreme Court ordered immediate action for the return of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to Husain Haqqani’s return. Chief Justice of Pakistan, the Supreme Court, three member bench hearing the memogate case against Husain Haqqani. Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said that a person went abroad and went abroad. The case is to reach the logic, some decision is to be done, and Hussain Haqqani has given the statement of the return, the case can not be decided until he returns, there is a need for law enforcement to return the accused, which will have to take approval from parliament.

The Supreme Court ordered NAB to take action against Hussain Haqaqani to take immediate measures to return to the NAB, Hussain Haqqaniaqani, and the NAB also has legal authority to return to the accused. Chief Justice said that Hussain Haqaqani is the work of the returning government, wanted to return Hussain Haqaqani everywhere. The judicial assistant Ahmar Bilal Sufi said that the NAB has the right to lecture for legal support, NAB can contact the US Department of State directly; the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention can also be helped. The applicant filed an invalid case against Hussain Haqqani, the applicant Barter Zafarullah said. FIR has not been mentioned in the FIR’s clearance, FIR has been restricted to corruption, and the government lost 6 years for the return of Hussain Haqaqani.

Memo case:

In 2011, American forces killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladin in secret raids in Abbottabad. At the time, Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqaqani, in the US, by the US trader Mansoor Ijaz sends a letter to the U.S. authorities. In this letter, it was said that after the Abbottabad operation, there is a danger of military rebellion in Pakistan therefore, the United States, Pakistan, should support the democratically democratic government. After the contents of Memo came out, many people including Nawaz Sharif had referred to the Supreme Court. The case was registered against Hussain Haqaqani, but he has not yet returned after going out of Pakistan.

The first train will go on next July 30

The first train will go on next July 30

On the other hand, the Supreme Court summoned Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar in the orange line case. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Pakistan heard the Orange Line project case. Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said that the Orange Line had a standard work and the project was not completed on time. The project-formed court has not been supported by the committee, tell us what are the reasons for delay and when will the first train go? The project Chief Sabteen Ali presented a complaint against the court that after the completion of the work, the first train would go on July 30 next year, the plan was to be completed in 27 months, but for 22 months the work was closed, packages and towels will be completed by October 30, the work on package 4 will be completed on 15 November, additional 9 billion rupees are required for the project, the work will take more than 11 months to complete.

The Chief Justice gave remarks that I do not think 11 months will be completed, obviously the obstacles of the orange line should be taken by the court; the plan will start the project before July 30, Why do not all relevant authorities sit together and resolve the problem, solve the problem in two hours or if the Chief Minister himself comes, Finance Minister Asad Umar will also call. Chief Justice asked who the head of the Metro Authority is. Sabteen Ali said that the Chief Minister is the head of Punjab Metro Authority. On this, the Chief Justice asked Punjab Chief Minister today evening at 4 pm from the Chief Minister to your ship sometime.


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