Morocco in the mirror of history

The current king of Morocco Mohammad VI

The current king of Morocco Mohammad VI

Mirza Ishtiaq Baig

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I consider Morocco my second home where I have spent a big part of my life and in my year, Morocco has to go to business several times in business. I am writing this column from Morocco today. Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated in Morocco with great enthusiasm. After celebrating Eid in London, when I reached Morocco, Eid holidays continued here and people were celebrating the feast of Eid.

I would like to share with an interesting event regarding readers of Eid-ul-Azha today. In 1996, when Eid-ul-Azha was present in Morocco so there is no rainfall in Morocco, drought and animal deficiency King Hassan II of Morocco said in his appeal to the public that I know that Qurbani Ibrahemi but despite sacrifice of animals we will sacrifice the sacrifice every year for the whole year and the prices will cover the sky so people do not sacrifice this year. People of Morocco have great love and belief from their king, so he accepted the king’s appeal. Thus the king of Morocco on the Eid-ul-Azha slaughtered two animals by themselves and the people. Later the time proved that the king’s decision was taken by Morocco. Contrary to Pakistan, Qasab does not think in Morocco, people slaughter themselves with their hands.

The current King of Morocco is King Mohammad VI, after his sudden death on 23 July 1999, his father King Hassan II his successors were appointed under the Constitution of Morocco and on July 30, 1999, his crown came into action. King Hassan II ruled Morocco for 38 years and was called a long-ruling leader in the Arab world. On his death in Morocco, the story went muffled. Hassan Dumeem’s funeral is called a historical, with more than 20 million people participating and they were crying loudly. I was also in the funeral prayer and I never saw such a big gathering of funeral prayers. In the funeral prayer of King Hassan II, French President Jacques Chirac, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Head of more than 50 countries including Jordan’s President, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat represented their country while on the occasion, US President Bill Clinton exclusively visited Morocco.

Hassan II’s burial was carried out in his aspect in the presence of his father Mohammad Khams and this marble made of marble shows clear from my balcony in Morocco. King Mohammad VI of Morocco is the 18th King and he is also known as Hafiz Koran, as well as both religious and worldly education. The throne of King Mohammad VI, also known as Eid al-’Arish, is celebrated with great zeal for every year. The 19th anniversary of King Mohammad VI’s throne in the last days Morocco has been celebrated with great gravity around the world. On this occasion, Morocco’s Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Karmun organized an event in Islamabad. While a colorful ceremony of this series held in the local hotel of Karachi, as a respected consul general of Morocco, Morocco Ambassador Mohammad Karmun to attend Karachi, especially in Karachi. Representative of the government at the function was caretaker Chief Minister Fazlur Rehman and the acting governor Agha Siraj Durrani while former provincial minister Nasir Ali Shah, DG Nab Altaf Bawani, President of the FPCCI, Ghazanfar Bilour, Senior Vice President Mazhar Nasir, Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Consulers of various countries, diplomats, politicians, business leaders, and important personalities from different fields of life participated in a large number of events.

The ceremony was started with the national trends of Morocco and Pakistan, after which the Governor of Sindh, Sindh Agha Siraj Durrani and Deputy Prime Minister Fazlur Rehman cake-based Morocco’s flag-style coincides with Morocco’s Ambassador Mohammad Karmun. Morocco Ambassador Mohammad Karmun thanked Chief Minister, Governor of State and other guests in his welcome address. Those who attended the ceremony expressed their love from King Mohammad VI of Morocco. During his speech he also emphasized the importance of bilateral relations between the people of Morocco and Pakistan. On the occasion, the Chief Minister and the Governor of State, briefed the Pakistani people and the government in his brief address.The King of Morocco and the people congratulated the 19th anniversary of King Mohammad VI’s throne and said that Morocco and Pakistan Brahimi are Islamic countries who are related to love and unity.

They also appreciated my efforts to play an important role in commercial, cultural and tourist relations between the two countries. On this occasion, I told in his speech as the Honorable Consul General of Morocco and the host of the host. It is honorable for me that I am playing the role of a bridge between the two countries as the Honorable Consul General of Morocco in Pakistan; it is my best to have trade and mutual ties between the two countries. On this occasion, I described mutual trade and investment between the two countries as an important requirement for time.

During the ceremony I was awarded by King King Mohammad VI, Morocco’s national honor waxed Akwan Alvi, which the participants appreciated. At the end of the ceremony, guest’s specialties arranged from Morocco’s specialty tea from Moroccan cuisines and plants, from Morocco. Morocco population comprises 35 million populations, a few kilometers from Europe, and north of Africa. Here’s the national language Arabic, while French is also spoken frequently. Atlantic and Mediterranean cities in the Morocco city come to sea; the distance from Spain can be fixed in a few hours. And if the weather is clear, Jabal-e-Tariq from where the great Muslim soldier Sal Tari bin Zaid had read for entering Europe, The view can be done. Tariq bin Zaid is the great soldier of the history of Islam, whose fate resulted in spreading Islam in Europe. And the Muslims ruled for hundreds of years. Very few people know that the great Muslim tourist of the world Ibn-e-Battuta is also from Tanjir city of Morocco whose original name was Mohammad bin Abdullah. He traveled to the world at the age of 21 and spent 27 years in the world’s touris while he came to Sindh for tourism, when Pakistan was part of the subcontinent. It is also noteworthy that the world’s first university is not in the United States or Britain but was founded in the city of Morocco Faiz (Fas).

Major reasons for Pakistan’s falling exports are mostly dependent on the markets of Europe and America where our exports are decreasing due to the financial crisis. The need is to focus on Africa too for trade its population comprises more than one billion population and Morocco is considered Africa’s gateway. Pak, Morocco Joint Business Council, a representative council of Pakistan and Morocco businessmen, export and investment between the two countries is playing an important role. The mutual trade between Pakistan and Morocco has increased to $ 400 million which can reach $ 1 billion in the coming years.

Last day, the second meeting of Pak, Morocco Joint Business Council was held in Pakistan in order to participate in the interview with Morocco, Maryam Azizi, along with her delegation, will visit Pakistan in particular while I led the Pakistani delegation. Morocco Ambassador Mohammad Kremon also attended the meeting. On this occasion, I was elected Chairman of the Holy, Moroccan Joint Business Council which is honorable for Pakistan and me. Every year millions of people turn from America to the US and European countries for tourism. where they are treated very hardly and are considered terrorists. Allah Almighty has blessed Morocco especially in Morocco which is causing attractive tourists around the world. We need that we prefer Islamic countries instead of western countries regarding tourism in order to promote tourism not only in Islamic countries, but also Muslims can get closer to each other.


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