Learn to distinguish and keep the times, China sent a strong message to India

China sent a strong message to India

China sent a strong message to India

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Prompting India to the US to stand against China But probably had no idea that it could face humiliation and insult to the extreme by China resulted in stupidity. China through India’s state media on proper conduct that it has sent a strong message has started crying all over the country. Times of India wrote bemoaning the situation the official newspaper Global Times China so humiliated India in the editorial and gave him selfish, self, and devoid of any morality. According to the newspaper editorials in India has been deprived of the priest and ethics, And its good advice to learn the etiquette required for conduct of world affairs. The United States and some other Western countries supported India is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, India, which has put all the blame on China, and Chinese media have also criticized the childish behavior of India. India has been criticized by the United States is the world’s thinking. This means you get support India has the support of the world, however, ignored the basic fact India. The Times of India has specifically referred to them in institutions that almost 20 percent of India’s GDP, China’s GDP, but the West has made it a star of her eye which in international affairs, his behavior was like a bad kid. Global Times editorial also said that India needs more awareness of nationalism. Indian people have been urged to men that if they want their country to become a major force the first is that they should learn how to conduct major powers.


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