Jamaat -e-Islami Bangladesh chief ordered the execution of 14 people

JI Ameer Motiur Rahman Nizami and former interior minister Babar Zaman fun

JI Ameer Motiur Rahman Nizami and former interior minister Babar Zaman fun

Dhaka — News Time Dhaka

Bangladesh Jamaat-e -Islami Bangladesh court, including Nizami has 14 people on death row. Those convicted former interior minister and two former heads of state, including intelligence. Motiur Rahman Nizami and other 13 people, 2004 for Assam separatists accused of arms trafficking. according to foreign news agency, 70 -year-old Bangladeshi court JI Ameer Motiur Rahman Nizami on the coast of Bangladesh were caught by police gun- filled ten trucks involved in trafficking has been sentenced to death. Prosecutor Kamal Uddin Ahmed said Motiur Rahman Nizami judge accused of smuggling 14 people, including the death penalty. previously holding the office of Minister of Industry, who Motiur Rahman Nizami alleged that he in 2004, four thousand 930 firearms, 27 thousand grenades, 840 rocket launcher and other weapons to the separatists to have tried., he said the system in 2010 arrested was 50 people, including his arms were serious charges, including trafficking. Hasina alleged that the weapons across the border were to provide Indian insurgents. Government spokesman said Thursday that the death penalty fourteen individuals who former Interior Minister Anand Zaman Babar and two former heads of state, including intelligence. Bangladeshi court separatist Liberation Front of Assam leader parys Baruah also sentenced to death in absentia, Brohi long run has. Decision in Chittagong on high alert has been JI’s protest over fears major areas of police reinforcements were deployed. Clear submissive Rahman Nizami in 1971 Bangladesh’s separation during the movement, was convicted of war crimes charges. Earlier Bangladesh Islamist leader Abdul Qadir was also accused of war crimes have been executed. Bangladesh war crimes tribunal last Mullah Abdul Qadir in February, was sentenced to life imprisonment, the death penalty in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh had changed. Meanwhile, former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia condemned the court’s decision, the government retaliation is using the courts and judges sitting in courts are doing puppet plays. They announced a nationwide protest against the decision.


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