Israel provided spy devices to India

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad

New Delhi … News time

The Israeli Air Force has provided modern types of detective devices from Mossad’s intelligence agencies. Sources have found that there are all types of agreements between the countries but for the first time in the defense and defense agreements of India and Israel, Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad has reportedly provided thousands of tools of modern types of tools to India’s Air Force. It is also found that September 22, Mossad’s main officials met Indian Air Force officials in Delhi and they provided 1021 types of advanced detective devices under contract 2014. It is said that the Mossad delegation had given training to the use of these advanced types of tools a few months ago to the important people of India’s Air Force. It is also reported that Israel will give 16 modern fighter aircraft to Indian Air Force in 2018.


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