Israel and the United States ‘F-35′ to provide jet aircraft         

US 'F-35' jet

US ‘F-35′ jet


Israeli media revealed US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter that the Israeli army early modern ‘F-35′ to provide fighter aircraft is assured. The use of aircraft for the air force, along with the establishment of a new airport personnel use their training process continues. Hebrew Akbar”maaryf ” said US Air Force soon Israel ‘F-35′ aircraft to equip his army training began.  Soon the Israeli Air Force squadron will be ready in the new flight will be able to use their aircraft. According to press reports, experts ‘F-35′ to blow up planes that have been training for several months. Training process, ” a military base and the base continues to be used for these aircraft. However, last week, Israeli Defense Ashton Carter visited Israel. During his visit to Israel, he needs all the defense of the Jewish state was assured of full support. He said that Israel soon ‘F-35′ aircraft will be provided. US aircraft are equipped with the latest technology to become the first country in the Middle East. Experts say the ‘F-35′ ‘, a combat aircraft are the world’s most advanced fighter aircraftWhich is not only extremely high ability to hit the target it can hide itself from radar. Go below radar aircraft is the most important achievement. These aircraft bombed from an altitude of 35 thousand feet are capable of destroying the target.


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