Is the Imran Khan will be Pakistani Erdogan? Turkey’s President Erdoğan’s performance in his distant governmIs the Imran Khan will be Pakistani Erdogan?Turkey’s President Erdoğan’s performance in his distant governmentent

Is the Imran Khan will be Pakistani Erdogan?

Is the Imran Khan will be Pakistani Erdogan?

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Imran Khan was ahead in election races. After the death sentence, punishment and long imprisonment of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the field in Punjab was almost empty. And Shahbaz Sharif could not tie down the brick of his development brick ahead of the change. But tsunami showed a lot of work. The PML-N or MQM or Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal and ANP could not stand ahead of Imran Khan. The frequent turnbacks of old parties were not prepared to give a large number of voters, especially youth and new voters. In the case of corruption, a financially clean captain of all the old politicians made a lot of money. They would give sacrifices in the morning, evening vacations. The tales were tested, why not Imran Khan is tried once. It was the opinion of the public who had a lot of work from the World Cup Hero. Again, all the opponents of Imran Khan attacked the aggressive Bonuses in the media whose resonance was heard in the corner of the country. From the top of the curtain, not only the big opponents of the big opponent fell to complain about why they fired me. There was some sense of tsunami coming from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Punjab and from Karachi in the Sindh; the magic of Bilawal gave another life to the PPP. Bilawal’s magic wing was too late to reach late and Punjab. It seems that the spice was cast before voting; it was not only the color of the change to be replaced by further emphasis on some places after voting. But it was so surprised that Imran Khan’s success was overwhelming. From above, the Election Commission showed so much displeasure that the outbreak of the results damaged the party’s celebration. All opposition parties have not only taken out their agents to count on voting count and form 45 on the non-supply of election results on Form 45. In particular, Muslim League N, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal and MMA have also rejected the election results.

In the news article of De Newspaper on the Election Day, I was scrolling the situation that the winners would not be able to pride in the win. And the losers will not be ashamed of defeat. Like the 2013 elections, the results of the 2018 election will also be crowned to the next election. The tradition of the upheaval against Imran Khan in the last election was ready to be ready to taste its taste. It is written in the context of the right to vote in our country. The change has come. General Zia-ul-Haq’s political place has now emerged as a political party. It is not a matter of surprise that the PNA movement which expanded the politics of religious parties is now reaching its promise. But the secularists who came from Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the place of religious scholars, have no good feelings.

In the absence of Nawaz Sharif, PML-N has been very upset and his family successor Brotherhood failed to hold the flag of honor two. The PML-N will now go back to retreat after Punjab’s long staying. The PML-N will now have to wait for the release of Maryam Nawaz for a living leader. Many old idols were broken in these elections and new leadership and new plant has increased in politics, which is happy. They also have many new faces in PTI which include Fadad Chaudhry, a very fast reader.

The biggest name is young Bilawal Bhutto, who has been featured in broader sections due to his developmental ideas, public friendship and ideology. And from which one is expected to be a major role next. After the defeat of the ANP, ANP, Pashtun Pakhtunkhwa Party, Baloch and Pakhtun nationalist leaders will have to leave for new people. Now it is time that Asif Ali Zardari also leaves space for Bilawal Bhutto. The new plant will have to adopt a clear policy of sovereignty, constitutional sovereignty, and sovereignty of parliament, responsible, good governance and public services. The old politics was not able to deal with.

The speech was simple, soft, serious and public as opponent of Imran Khan’s prime minister, unlike the language of his election campaign. He has removed opposition from the protest call by inviting all the constituencies in the election campaign. It is good to adopt simplicity, give good governance, accountability and self-esteem. The commitment to establish good relations with foreigners on foreign affairs is also appreciated. But there are huge challenges before the new prime minister. Khan has made great hopes in the public and youth with the changes and slogans of the estate the failure of a person can cause severe response. They will face a tough opposition outside Parliament and parliament and for legislation, they will need support from opposition parties, for this, it is good to announce the policy of avoiding any kind of revenge against political opponents. However, due to possible mixed government in the center, Punjab, Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, it will be easy for them to follow 11 agreements for their agenda. 11-point agenda is mostly related to provincial matters. The immediate measures required for the country’s financial and financial crisis are required. The break in which the erosion breaks away will spread farther. The model of development he is talking about is the development of human resources which has health, education, training, and employment and business opportunities. Their biggest test will be to reduce the cost of non-productive federal and provincial governments. And how much and where people spend. Tax system and reforms in state institutions are not easy. There is also an important problem for completing 50 million homes, one crore jobs.

The first 100-day tests perhaps a toughest examination of a leader in Pakistan’s history. And the opposition should give them an opportunity to work. But they do not have a right-arm modernized party like Erdogan, nor will they be able to get rid of these strangers. With whom she has come to Prime Minister’s House, she is hesitant to live. The big design was that a populer, hard drive and a correctional power block were formed and in which the instructors learned. It seems that Imran Khan becomes a prime minister subject to a person who is not in his personality or as a strong civilian ruler. Or a dictator? The big challenge for them is to ensure good governance, to solve the economic crisis and the world will have to overcome reasons for isolation of Pakistan. In the next 6 months, whose bills will get out or they will move forward. It will only be possible to limit the increased interference of some forces to constitutional scope. And how much will it be to honor the vote or not, it will have to wait till the next elections.

Turkey’s President Erdoğan’s performance in his distant government:

Since Pakistan has been arrested in recent times all the talk shows of Nawaz Sharif have been arrested and in newspapers like Turkmen President Erdogan, keeping the grip on establishment and supervising it in the ministry’s defense it is being said that the introduction of the process of closing all the entrance doors in the country is also introduced in Pakistan. Turkish President Erdoğan has to take a big step in maintaining the grip of the civilian government and engaging in national politics. As all know that the establishment has maintained its grip with the formation of the modern Republic of Turkey. Once the army has set up its power directly after launching martial law, then the establishment has been able to comply with its orders by bringing the sovereignty of its choice to the civilian government.

Süleyman Demirel, Tansu Çiller, Bülent Ecevit, Turgut Özal, Yildirim Akbulut, almost all the ministers of ministers have complained about the establishment of the establishment not being able to execute their plans prepared by them. Establishment has not kept the grip on the domestic administration only, but before Erdoğan’s era, he has always been fully controlling the media. The newspapers have been sorted out in the same jungle for news columns and columns of columnists are always being held forever and especially for the columns of religious trend columns have been considered to be impossible. The Turkish army continues to have doubled the number of civilian governments in the barracks. Republican People’s Party’s Cooperation in the Attitudes Achieved during the Ottoman era and the revolt in the country. And taking over the name of unintentional and unified secularism, forced the Soviet governments to collapse. None of the Turks establishing the way the government of Necmettin Erbakan had overturned. How can the masses and rallies of the million people join in the country’s so-called secularism? People used to participate in the rallies, but at the time of election, they would continue to join some other party.

Establishment also tried to ban Justice and Development Party while taking over the judiciary in the second round of Erdogan, but the establishment also had a meal of food, establishment tried to keep President Erdoğan two years from the Prime Minister by punishing the prison for the first time in the AK Party. This was unsuccessful in the Constitution with the help of other parties. Erdogan was well understood that the establishment would continue to obstruct the path of his government like other politicians; therefore, he has continued to strengthen his power by making his public service public for the first time on his own, and on the path of development of the country. Erdoğan worked with great patience in both the days of his Prime Minister’s office, and did not even set the establishment to the particle. He was fully aware of all the fiber fonts of the establishment.

Erdoğan gave special attention to the economy of the country and increased per capita income from $ 2000 to $ 11,000. And the country successfully achieved the position of G20 countries in the 16th largest power by economically. Prime Minister Erdoğan gave special attention to strengthening his government in his first period and establishing political stability in the country. Because they knew that if we were politically weak we would not feel like hanging on the throne just like Adnan Menderes. And, like the overthrow of the Governments of various Ministers, their government will not even hesitate to eradicate.

With all these words, Prime Minister Erdogan decided to finally hand over the establishment after getting 50% votes in the third round against his first two periods. Before handling the establishment, Erdogan made the police a complaint, its secret service department has been strengthened by the Establishment’s Secret Service Department and within the establishment, combine information about all plans and actions against the government. During the period, the Erdoğan government also established the judiciary on new posts and eliminating all the influence of the establishment. He stopped being a subsidiary of the establishment. The Erdogan government has increased the salaries of judges and ensured their protection. After the big changes in the judiciary and the department police, the Erdoğan government presents the information about the overthrow of his government and the documents from the police and presented the court against the judiciary. And in the meantime, by constitutional amendment, it also made the path to prosecution in civil court on establishment.

President Erdogan did not even have the right to set up the heads of various fields in the early period of his prime minister. Ahmet Necdet Sezer, president of the various bureaucrats of various positions chosen by Erdogan, who considered his first duty to comply with the orders of the Establishment, was appointed by Erdogan. The options for using heads of various fields to be used by the Constitution do not let the Prime Minister of the Erdogan’s favorite Bureau of Courts complete till the date of completion. After the retirement of President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, when Abdullah Gül, belonging to Ak Party, took over the presidential duties so at that time the country’s development paths were completely opened and they took advantage of the opportunity Turkey pulled Turkey into the world’s most populous nations. There was a wave of concern within the establishment of Turkey as it was on the path of development because Turkey was out of a backward country in the third world, forming the 16th largest economic country in the world, joining the G20 countries.

Meanwhile, the establishment was attempted to overthrow the Erdogan government twice, but it was proved to be the first time the Soviet government proved to be the first time to punish all the people involved in the overthrow of attempts to overthrow. After which the establishment changed its policy against Erdoğan and it was the failure of its organization to not take action against the civilian government. However, despite the spread of spreading hatred against Erdogan inside the establishment, declared them treason and working against domestic interests. With the help of Fethullah Gülen within the establishment, the last attempt on 15th April 2016 to overthrow the Erdoğan government. But with the blessing of Allah, Erdogan and his government were safe and the people gave democracy in the country, by giving their lives and laying down the tanks.

President Erdoğan, after his endeavor, to embrace the path of development, prosperity and relief to the people. And after putting the high position in Turkey around the world, hand over the establishmentand now the establishment has been completely under the Ministry of Defense and the retirement chief of the Turkish retired Chief of Staff Staff Hulusi Akar is keeping a complete grip on the army.

Establishment can be prevented from being involved in politics only in Pakistan when a civilian government enters its people and country on the path of development and Pakistan is successful in taking the highest position in the world, otherwise the establishment will continue to use the politicians for their purposes. And politicians will always stop crying for politics in establishment.


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