If the damage to the economy trump policies.  U S will not be safe: Saudi Arabia and Iran warned

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy Khaled al-falh

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy Khaled al-falh

Riyadh, Tehran News Time

Saudi Arabia damaged the US economy if Trump policies warned that the US would be safe. British media said Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy Khaled al-falh said the United States is the largest supporter of free markets and most of the oil purchase Washington took the opportunities to create thousands of jobs in the United States. He said if he did trump ban on oil imports from Saudi Arabia, according to his campaign promises to have an adverse impact on the US economy. Trumps refrain from doing so. Saudi Arabia said that we need to take steps to control climate change and the rapidly rising temperature in such a situation we cannot add people pushed into poverty in their difficulties. The Trump announced during the election campaign that he would cut off oil imports from various countries, including Saudi Arabia. The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that anything can happen after being elected president of Trump. We are ready to face every situation. Sad not happy with the presidential results. Said the Arab TV America’s two major political parties had no opportunity to harm the Tehran. In which he referred to the statements of Trump forces are opposed to Iran’s nuclear program during the election campaign.


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