Iceland: Equal pay for men and women

Half-member women in the Iceland Parliament with 325,000 populations are women

Half-member women in the Iceland Parliament with 325,000 populations are women

Stockholm … News time

Women face gender equality in most of the world countries. In most societies women do not get men equal rights. In this context, women’s organizations are also reporting reports of disturbances. In the third world, the concept of equal rights to women is found at a limited levelbut in developed countries, the situation in this regard is not satisfactory. There is also discrimination against women and they are considered less. Women from home to work in all fields of office and life work together as men. However, discrimination is common in them everywhere. There is something similar to the salaries. Female employees usually get less salary than their male counterparts.

Rights organizations working for women raise their voice for other rights as well as demanding equal payment of women’s salary. However, no government had yet to quit their fate. Iceland has become the first country to legalize this long-term demand for women. From the first day of the New Year, law and order of equality in the European country has been applied. Now all the factories, companies, and employees in various institutions have become entitled to pay salary equivalent to women, male employees. Under the new law, all companies and government agencies whose minimum number of employees is 25, they will have to get the equivalent salary policy certificate from the government. This certificate will be proof that there is no difference between male and female in the mentioned company. The certificate will be issued after the clearance by the concerned official constituency. In institutions in which women do not have equal policy to pay male employees, they will be penalized. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Iceland is ranked first in terms of gender degradation. Now after the new law has been enforced, it is also a little discomfortable. Half-member women in the Iceland Parliament with 325,000 populations are women. Equally the bill of government and opposition members had unanimously supported. The Iceland Women’s Rights Association has expressed concern over the implementation of the law. A member of the Association of Board of Directors said the media saidthis is an important step towards the end of gender non-equality.


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