German officials contact the Muslim citizens for national harmony

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer inaugurated the German Islam Conference

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer inaugurated the German Islam Conference

Berlin … News Time

Germany’s Government is in touch with leaders, experts, and the mosques of different communities from the community to promote harmony in the country. Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer inaugurated the German Islamic Conference, news agency news reported. And in his address, the talks with the Muslims of Germany were found to be fixed in relation to their beliefs, values ​​and traditions. And how can they connect with sustainable culture and values ​​in the roots of German society, it will be easy to understand. Horst Seehofer said two instructors to train in Germany and prevent mosques from foreign aid are two main goals. He said that integration of more than 10 million migrants who came after Germany in 2015, need to improve, in which majority of Muslims are, addressing the refugees, he said that they should learn German values ​​and languages.

Remember that in March this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a position for her fourth term the German Interior Minister refused to declare Islam as part of Germany, after which a political storm was standing in the country. On the question of an interview to Germany’s largest newspaper, Blood Daily, he was a Muslim migrant in Germany and despite the majority of Muslims, they refused to accept it. He said that Islam is not a part of Germany, Christianity has given a shape to the Germans from the Church, Holidays, Easter, Christmas, and other festivals, including a relaxing day on Sunday. The German Interior Minister said in his interview that the Muslims living among us are naturally part of Germany but it does not mean that you sacrifice your culture and traditions in the defense of wrong things. Important individuals including Angela Merkel immediately rejected this statement and he made it clear that despite the deepest foundation of Christians in Germany, more than 40 million Muslims have built their homes in Germany. The German Chancellor told the media that Muslims are part of Germany, with their religion Islam is also part of Germany.

It is believed that the majority of Muslims settled in Germany meet Turkey, which was invited in the name of the guest laborer in the 1960s and 70s. Later in 2015, when Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel was exposed to the war in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan open their borders for Muslims looking for over 10 million refugees displaced. After which the number of Muslims has increased further.


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