France’s four MPs called on Syrian conflict

France's four MPs called on Syrian conflict

France’s four MPs called on Syrian conflict

Paris … News Times

France 4 MPs have met Syrian President Bashar Assad, in French political circles has led to outrage. French Prime Minister of the country’s leading political figures, including President Bashar al-Assad met with members of parliament called the moral fault. Al Arabiya reported that the initial response to the Paris government MPs said the Foreign Ministry in Damascus, Syria without informing their meeting at the presidential palace. Critics of MPs meeting in the evening, including France Friendship Group. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in his response regime is butchers. French parliamentarians met him was political and moral error. French MPs called on President Bashar al-Assad controversial issue is discussed in the French media. The evening lumund Parliament, France Friendship Group by contacting MPs to meet President Bashar al-Assad stand out about what other members say that their four colleagues will meet President Assad is. MP Pierre Luluc went on tour around the Damascus government told MPs that he was just going on a trip to Syria. But contrary to the policy of the government of President Bashar al-Assad called on to. The MPs met President Assad must understand their individual case they meet the controversial French parliament or political parties are not represented. Pierre Luluc said his party’s foreign affairs as if you visit in the evening before heading to Damascus define its policy. The fact that it was likely Syrian President Assad meets French MPs in their favor could use as propaganda. French pyyplz Freedom Alliance party leader said Syria, France Friendship Group, including members of his party. He called on the Syrian government to be a focal point of explaining that he was unable to Damascus because I had a meeting with President Assad to trap us with the will try to prove that the French government recognizes the government of Bashar al-Assad. Another Socialist MP led the MPs to visit another country are not obliged to obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Party member and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament’s President Bashar al-Assad Elisabeth Guigou The meeting was concerned. A group of French parliamentarians who met with President Bashar al-Assad said in reaction to the controversial appointment may be taken against members. Party membership in disciplinary action, including termination proposal. President Bashar al-Assad said he is not a dictator, but a cruel man who says Kasab is less.


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