Election or Selection?

More than 10 CRORE people will use right vote in the upcoming elections

More than 10 CRORE people will use right vote in the upcoming elections

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The Election Commission of Pakistan on 25 July 2018 has completed all the preparations for the elections and political parties have also started an election campaign. More than 10 CRORE people will use right vote in the upcoming elections. According to the figures issued by the Election Commission, the total number of voters in the country is 10 CRORE 55 LAHKH 55 thousand four hundred seven. The number of women voters in the country has 4 CRORE 67 LAHKH 31 thousand 145 while the people of the country will utilize 5 CRORE 92 LAHKH 24 thousand two hunderd sixty two male voters. I am surprised to get answers from the various constituents and my friends about their upcoming election regarding upcoming elections. Many people believe that the selection of the election is being done. I also feel that the selection environment is being made in the name of the election because it is clear that the way for a specific political party is being smoothed before the election.

Elections on July 25 will prove to be the most controversial election of the country because the elections have started raising questions on election transparency. Former prime minister and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif has also shown the possibility of holding elections. He says that there is a debate on fraudulent elections in the country and it has begun. Nawaz Sharif has said that the postponement of the pre-election elections started from this time when I was removed from the presidency of Muslim League-N and was disqualified for my lifetime. Where the fingers are being raised on the transparency of the election, it is also being expressed that can be postponed for the benefit of a party. By the way, there is no clearance of postponement of the elections, but some analysts are speaking to a great deal the polls on July 25 can be postponed, ie, it is possible to change the history of polling however, caretaker Prime Minister Nasir ul-Mulk, Army Chief Qamar Bajwa, Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Mohammad Reza and Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar is not willing to postpone the election one day and it is agreed that the elections will be on July 25.

The electoral process can be a neutral administration, but sorry, such an atmosphere is not seen in any province. The Chief Executive Officer in Sindh and Punjab is supporting the open PPP and PML-N. The danger of influencing election results increases the presence of a neutral administration if the Election Commission and the caretaker governments keep an eye on bad eyes so there will be more questions on the credibility of the general election.

It will be the election or the selection will tell it only because our election date is filled with selection on the election date, everybody is in this disorder till everybody is voted from the voter whether or not I will get the one whom I have voted. Similarly, the voter is also thinking that my own votes will count in my count, because everyone knows the actual decisions are somewhere else. Some political pundits think so, the curtain is going on a lot. Nevertheless we should not be caught in the selection of the election election.


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