Egypt: 75 Muslim Brotherhood members including the head were executed

75 Muslim Brotherhood members including the head were executed

75 Muslim Brotherhood members including the head were executed

Cairo … News Time

Egyptian court sentenced 75 people to death and sent them to Grand Mufti to verify their papers. 5 years ago, those people faced unmatched allegations of causing violent conditions after joining the streets of the field al-Nahda and Rabaa al-Adawiya. The court in Egypt, which has sentenced 75 people to death, includes members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Among the executives include the country’s largest religious, political and social community, including the leader of the Muslim al-Islamist Mohamed El-Beltagy, Essam El-Erian, Mohammad Badie. Of them, 44 suspects were presented in the court, while others were 31 offenders. 739 people have been sentenced to this case. On this political worker, the Egyptian office prosecution accused the security of taking action, murdering, killing, and killing public property. The court has sought confirmation of the civil liberties on such death sentences. However, it is not necessarily necessary to follow the opinion of Grand Mufti, who is from Azhar. It is considered a formal action. Appeal against the punishment of death can only be done in high courtesy and the hearing of Grand Mufti is kept in front of the hearing, but the court can also devote it.

In the face of the court in 2013, the number of suspects involved in the death of Mohamed Morsi’s government was 739. Apart from this, the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the religious and political organizations, includes several main leaders. Most leaders of the central leadership have already been arrested by the Abdel Fattah el-Sisi government after being arrested. Today’s decision has been given by a criminal court in Egypt’s capital Cairo. The court has also sentenced a photo-journalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid to death. The photo journalist has been in jail since 2013, suffering from liver injury. The 30-year-old Mahmoud Abu Zeid was also awarded the UNESCO press-fame in April this year. World Human Rights Institutions carry fingers on Egyptian courts’ decisions and system justice. According to the government newspaper Al-Ahram, on September 8, this year, more than 660 people are likely to be executed on September 8. Details of the names of the perpetrators are not yet common. According to some Egyptian sources, they include several terrorists.


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