Economic conditions worsened, protests in Tunisia started again

The demonstrations began in Tunisia

The demonstrations began in Tunisia

Tunisia — News Time

Once again, the worse economic conditions in Tunisia protest started and 130 km southwest from the capital city of the ruling Islamic party Ennahda Welfare Office protesters have torched the office. Tunisia in northwestern and southwestern coastal Welfare Office located in cities and qabs qfsh on Wednesday to protest against poor economic conditions have been a general strike and protesters in the area have demanded of the government to invest more. Tunisia’s official news agency reports general ninety per cent success rate of strike and violence during a protest in the city at the time the incident occurred when some protesters pthrayukya police and the protesters threw stones at police officers in response. Protesters Ennahda stormed the local office. Throwing protesters torched the office equipment on the road. Protesters firefighters stopped from going near the burning building. qfsh the poverty , unemployment and underdevelopment protest against Got . Clear that Tunisia ‘s cities and Side Kasserine December 2010 and 2011, the former autocratic president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s regime protests began a month less than their government is I was .


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