During the last 45 years of terrorism in 2014 was the worst year, report

Head of National Intelligence James Clapper

Head of National Intelligence James Clapper

Washington … News Time

International terrorism is on the rise over the last 45 years and the year 2014, the latest year history was awesome. Head of National Intelligence James Clapper Senate Armed Services Committee, speaking at the University of Maryland report data according to the 2013 worldwide over the terrorists, 11 thousand 500 attacks, 22 people were killed In the first 9 months of the year 2014, 13 thousand, 31 thousand people died in the attacks. The terrorist attacks and kills half of these attacks Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan while fighting the Islamic world in the bloody terror attacks and was the top. The Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn, former head of the 180 Americans traveled to fight in the region while more than 3,400 militants have traveled to Iraq and Syria. Suazh a few days ago, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement came in spite of terrorism around the world have reduced risks for US citizens.


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