Donald Trump’s criticism on Google after media

US President Donald Trump criticized Google

US President Donald Trump criticized Google

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US President Donald Trump claims to criticize Google seriously the news are being displayed against them through the fraud in Google News. US President Donald Trump said in his statement in Twitter that Google should search Trump News so she only shows fake news media news. He said in other words it has been triggered for me and others and almost all stores and news are bad, fake CNN is highlighted, Republican / Conservative Media is closed, illegal? According to Trump, 96% of the results on Trumpet News are from the left-hand media, which is very dangerous. In his tweet, he added that hiding the information and information of Google and other conservatives and those who are good news are pressuring, those who we can see and see, are controlling it, this is a very dangerous situation.

On the other hand Google has rejected the claims of Trump. Google spokesman said that the search is not used for any political agenda and neither our results are prejudiced on any political ideology. “Every year we contact customers for improving our quality,” he said. We are busy trying to make Google search the best and results of our search are not under the motto of engaging someone’s political emotions.

It is clear that American President Donald Trump has criticized the media several times as fake, regarding Trump’s media references; media owners in the US have expressed concerns over the difficulty of freedom of expression. And in this regard American newspapers have also started campaigning.


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