Coronavirus outbreak continues in the world        

Coronavirus death toll exceeds 26819 in 198 countries of the world

Coronavirus death toll exceeds 26819 in 198 countries of the world

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In 198 countries of the world, the death toll from the Coronavirus has exceeded 26819, while the number of people infected with the outbreak has reached 575000 and so far 124349 people have recovered. 18691 new cases reported in the United States Coronavirus, 400 more died in a single day. The number of Coronavirus cases across the United States has risen to 104,126, bringing the total number of deaths to 1695. The United States is giving $ 2000 billion relief package. The Coronavirus has become uncontrollable in Italy, despite the concerted efforts of doctors in the country to control Corona’s outbreak. In Italy, more than 969 people were killed due to the Coronavirus in 24 hours, where the total death toll has exceeded 8,000, while the total number of patients has reached 80589.

In Spain, there were 769 deaths in a single day, with 4934 deaths so far and the number of victims was 64059. The Coronavirus in Iran has killed 157 people in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 2378 while 2389 new cases have emerged. Coronavirus has been confirmed in 32332 people in Iran so far. The use of toxic chemicals ‘methanol’ to save 300 people has died following the growing number of Coronavirus cases in Iran. The messages said alcoholic sanitizers and alcohol alcohols kill the germs in the body. Given these messages, a large number of people in Iran had begun using methanol. The city of Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei, has a total of 81394 people affected by the disease so far, while the death toll is 3295.

In the UK, a further 115 people were killed by the Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 578 and the number to more than 11,500. According to British media, in the UK, intentionally coughing has also been declared a crime; the coughing person on the medical staff will be imprisoned for two years after he exposed himself as a coronary patient. Police have found new options to keep people confined to their homes; anyone arrested for violating lockdown can be fined £ 60. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the other hand, fell victim to Corona. According to British media, Boris Johnson’s corona test came out positive; the British Prime Minister was getting symptoms, followed by a coronavirus test which came out positive. Boris Johnson has quarantined himself, but he will continue to look into administrative matters. Earlier, 71-year-old Prince Charles had also been infected with the Coronavirus.

In addition to these countries, another European country had 1696 fatalities and 32964 deaths in France, and 546 deaths in the Netherlands. In Germany, the death toll has risen to 338 after the death of 71 more people and 49344 victims. There have been 92 new cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, after which the total number of people infected with the virus has increased to 1104 and the death toll has increased to 3. Corona diagnosis of 3 doctors in the Punjab province of Balochistan, the number of victims in the country has increased to 1369 and the death toll is 10. In Switzerland, the number has risen to 231, followed by 39 more, followed by Netherlands 112, 546, Austria 9, 58 and Belgium 69, followed by 289. Lockdown has been going on in Tunisia since last Sunday, with 227 virus-related deaths and 6 deaths. The Israeli Ministry of Health has said that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus has increased to 3035 and 10 have been killed.


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