Blizzard America exceptional, 800 traffic accidents killed 13 people

Unusual storm paralyzed life in the U.S.

Unusual storm paralyzed life in the U.S.

Atlanta — News Time

U.S. Southern states once again blizzard has caused the disaster. Affect groundwater and air traffic, while citizen’s homes had to be limited. Various accidents have killed 13 people so far. U.S. southern states once the blizzard has frozen his life. States from Texas to Georgia and South Carolina are in the grip of heavy snow. Has a state of emergency in seven southern states. States of Georgia and Alabama, killing five people, Georgia Atlanta city streets thousands of people were stranded for more than 18 hours while 800 traffic accidents occurred. Virginia ten inches of snow was recorded in coastal areas. Has been heavy snowfall in North and South Carolina, roads, snow removal work continues. Offices and educational institutions in the affected areas have been closed and thousands of flights, the administration has issued directives to the people living in the homes. Meteorological Department today issued a series of harsh winter will last. Previous day at least seven people were killed in the storm. Region’s nearly six million people are affected by it. Mayor of Atlanta’s handling of the storm has caused considerable criticism. Hundreds of children were trapped in the night schools to which the food was not available. mayor said the city had more than a million people on the streets and the weather was very bad, because we do not clean the snow off the road and street machines was not clear., it was our fault that we let everyone out.


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