Belarus is the only European country that does not worry by coronavirus

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

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Europe has now become the epicenter of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, but there is also a country on the continent where officials are instructing the public not to change their daily living routines. Belarus is a unique country in many respects. It is very different from other countries in Europe and its closest neighbors, Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is a state of emergency while schools in Russia have been closed, large gatherings are banned and all flights arriving and departing in the country have been suspended. In Belarus, on the other hand, life is in many ways the norm. Belarus’s borders are open, people are going to work and no one in the world of luxury is buying and storing toilet paper.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko says the country needs to take no precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak. In a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to the country’s capital, Minsk, he emphasized that there was no need to be terrorized, saying that incidents were occurring. Belarus has not closed cinema halls and theaters and banned gatherings. It is the only country in the world that has not canceled its football competitions. Belarus premiership matches are being played on a regular basis, and the competitions are also being broadcast live on television for fans who are watching football in neighboring Russia. President Lukashenko’s statement that Tractor will treat Corona has been a topic of public debate and has been widely discussed on social media. The signal of President Lukashenko was towards working honestly in the fields. The president himself does not drink alcohol, but he says that in trying to stop the Corona outbreak, the vodka will remain. But many ordinary citizens of Belarus are worried because they know what’s happening in the rest of the world. Many teenagers and schoolchildren in Minsk are vacationing on the pretext of illness. Class’s times have been changed in many universities and colleges in order to avoid public travel during busy hours of the day, in view of public concern. There are fewer people on the streets and streets of Minsk, and people realize that the elderly are at greater risk of the outbreak. But officials have little hand in what people know about the outbreak.

President Lukashenko says that there is nothing to worry about as all passengers coming from overseas are being inspected. He claims that only two to three passengers a day are found to be Corona victims and immediately put into quarantine, where they can leave in a week and a half. Alexander Lukashenko insists that anxiety and depression are very dangerous and even more dangerous than viruses. They have instructed GBP personnel in the country’s intelligence agency Belarus to keep an eye on rumors and terrorists spreading terror. So far 86 patients have been exposed to Coronavirus in Belarus and two have died of Coronavirus. It has been officially confirmed that these patients are indeed infected with the Coronavirus.

Belarus is in many ways a unique country. It is the only country in Europe where the death penalty law exists. It’s the only country in Europe where authorities don’t care about the Coronavirus outbreak. Unusually, Belarus opposition activist Andrey Kim, who is generally critical of authorities, has agreed with the president’s stance. Andrey Kim wrote on his Facebook page that Lukashenko is doing just fine because he thinks enforcing quarantine at the national level will ruin Belarus’s economy. He added that everything in the world is bleak but Belarus is the only country in the world where the government wishes good luck for them rather than popular measures. He added that he knew he would be swallowed alive by saying so, but he could not remain silent in this crazy situation. Madness refers to stringent measures that are being taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus outbreak to the rest of the world. And in their view, Belarus is proving wise by not doing anything like this.


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