Bangladesh may give rise to retaliatory executions new movement

Love Pakistan 29 October 2014, the JI Amir Maulana Nizami execution of the death sentence in the previous days

Love Pakistan 29 October 2014, the JI Amir Maulana Nizami execution of the death sentence in the previous days

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Hasina Wajid government in BangladeshJI Amir Mulana Matti-ur-Rehman Nazami and other leaders Abdul Qadir Mulla, Muhammad Qamir-u-zaman, Ali Ahsan Mujahid for executionsformer JI Ameer Professor Ghulam Azam, Maulana Abul Kalam, Mohammad Yousuf in prison has been killed by violence. Mir Qasim Ali and Maulana Dilawar Hussain Saeedi also implement the rest were sentenced to hang. I have been told that they execute every leader who could appeal for mercy, but the president refused, they were told that cases of false charges against them, Means mercy plea to accept the charges.

* The so-called International War Crimes Tribunal sentenced the first JI leader Abdul Kalam Azad executes 21 Jan 2013. Remember Abdul Kalam Azad were tried in absentia trial against the Bangladeshi authorities say that there are somewhere in India or Pakistan.

* The main assistant secretary of the Bangladesh Gen. Abdul Qadir Mullah was sentenced to death on 5 February 2013, while the sister was executed on 12 December 2013.

* Dilawar Hussain Saeed Islamic leader and Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2008, his name was included in the list of 500 most influential Muslims in the world, he was sentenced to death, after the appellate bench turned sentenced to death for his conviction.

* Mohammad Qamar Zaman Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami was Senior Assistant Secretary General, journalist and author; He was sentenced to death on 9 May 2013 and had been given death on 11th April 2015.

* Ch set out the case in his absence; he was sentenced to death on Din November 3, 2013, He is a former chairman of the World Islamic organizations, Muslim Aid, a British company, former director of the National Health Service.

* JI Bangladesh founder Ameer Prof Ghulam Azam 15 in June 2013 was sentenced to 90 years. Prof Ghulam Azam 23 October 2014 at the age of 91 years died in prison. His family and the sources of that they were severely tortured in prison, were providing treatment facilities.

* Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mujahid Islam was sentenced to death on July 17, 2013 November 22, 2015 while they were executed. He was Member of Parliament and former Minister of Social Welfare of Bangladesh from 2001 to 2007.

* Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader, seven-time member was sentenced to death in October 2013. The elected parliament Salahuddin Chowdhury sister while hanging on 22 November 2015. He was his party’s Standing Committee member and party Chief Begum Khaleda Zia’s parliamentary affairs adviser.

* Student Union Vice Maulana Abul Kalam prominent expert and Islamic hadith that Mohammad was going to sue him, he died in prison on 2 February 2014.

* 29 Oct 2014 JI Amir Maulana Nizami execution of the death sentence last days.

 * Leader, Director of the Islamic Bank in November 2014, shake Media Corporation Chairman, Ibn Sina Trust founder and co-director of the Islamic world was also sentenced to death Mir Qasim Ali. Kill all the leaders, including charges imposed lowers raped and they were executed. Proved that the so-called War Crimes Tribunal during the trial run was not exactly the truth of these allegations that is why up fake witnesses, the suspects were taken to its logical conclusion the process of losing their right to defense. The International War Crimes Tribunal cases were tried by the judgment is contrary to international law, various foreign governments and human rights organizations called it illegal. Chief Justice Mohammad Haq system before the tribunal were biased person, She was 20 years ago (when he was a lawyer), began a public announcement of the death penalty for Jamaat leaders. Becoming head of the tribunal that they were very happy to be able to fulfill his dream, but then suddenly he had to resign. What was the cause? This is an interesting but shameful story of prominent international English magazine The Economist published. This story has been debunked by the tribunal of fact and Hasina Wajid project. Haq said that the justice system was long conversations via Skype, a Bengali lawyer Ziauddin in Brussels, The total duration of the discussion at the various sessions of 17 hours while there were also 320 emails between the two figures. It reached the conversations and emails Economist. Justice system, said: Hasina Wajid Government wants to make a decision as soon as possible, and takes this crazy desire. Tell me, when nalayqun and the prosecution of the case is not the right way, so I do it? I will rebuke them in the courtroom, but at the same time he called in a private room, I’m not angry, some of neutrality so that it is the theater illusion remains. What he does not tell it again. You phncayun to issue guidance on how to perform them. Economist London Special Representative discussed with the evidence given to the journal for publication, Magazine asked call the justice system that we have this report, they said in response: This can not happen, if we do not discuss any court cases against his wife. The Economist has a December 2012 issue; the magazine published the unusual story with your editorial note which caused Tehelka in Bangladesh. The justice system did not have any choice without resigning. Hasina Wajid by the UN war crimes tribunal said that the government does not meet international legal standards. The judges of the Special Tribunal, established in 2010 by Bangladesh, while the International War Crimes Tribunal name. International human rights tribunal ruled against the international standard. The quality of the Tribunal, the quality of the judges and the same witnesses. The biggest thing to happen in 42 years this tribunal, in violation of the trials and executions on 9 April 1974 fixed to the tripartite agreement, The parties were Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Hussain, India’s External Affairs Minister Swaran Singh and Pakistan’s Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs Aziz Ahmad had signed an agreement in New Delhi. This agreement was clearly written: Bangladesh welcomed the Simla Agreement. Bangladesh Prime Minister announced a powerful way of understanding, good neighborliness and helps bring peace to late goals in the subcontinent. It (Vision) in view of the interest of a new spirit of reconciliation in the subcontinent and derivatives as well as peace and stability, he proposed jointly the issue of arrests and siege must be resolved on the basis of humanitarian and this for the simultaneous settlement of all persons (Rehabilitation), Except for prisoners of war, who wants to sue the government about the allegations made by Bangladesh. 195 Pakistani prisoners of war question three ministers added focus the three governments wanted the problem to be solved soon reconciliation, peace and friendship in the subcontinent. Bangladesh Foreign Minister said that the abuse of prisoners of war who had committed the crimes, According to the United Nations General Assembly resolutions and international law related parts War crimes, agree on crimes against humanity and Genocide (Genocide) and international that these crimes were committed 195 prisoners of war have to be held accountable and will be applied to the procedures specified by law. Pakistan’s government condemned the government said Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and expressed deep sorrow for all the crimes that have been committed. The Ministers also drew the attention of the government of Pakistan recognized Bangladesh to visit Bangladesh announced that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. He appealed to the people of Bangladesh that they forgive past mistakes and to forget and start a new way, he said that is how sorry I know the people of Bangladesh. Especially appeals to the people of Bangladesh Prime Minister of Pakistan, which he said was to forget the past, that demonstrate the compassion of Bangladesh, would issue new cases Bangladesh Foreign Minister said. It is also to be taken 195 prisoners of war in Pakistan, like other prisoners of war were agreed and to continue settlement agreement in Delhi. The above quotations are a part of this agreement, which have been set up false cases against people and who are the executions, Their names were not included in the list of 195 prisoners of war, but he was not listed anywhere as criminals for decades. In question is that Hasina Wajid started by party leaders to why the sudden cases of executions them? The answer is, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had told the editors of Bangladesh and India in New Delhi on June 30, 2011, before starting to visit Bangladesh we have good relations with Bangladesh, but we will have to consider what Bangladesh at least 25 percent of the party as the public and that is more anti-India. It is Bangladesh’s political landscape could change at any moment. We are able to know the elements of JI, how to create conditions in Bangladesh. Manmohan Singh after the dictation was no question of keeping light hand against Islamist leaders the defendants have begun a serious punishment. Bangladesh Awami League, besides taking part in the freedom struggle of the people thinks the party had nothing to do with the aforementioned crimes of Islamic leaders. Bangladesh’s former prime Barrister Shahjahan Omar, who economist, Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s adviser are, He took active part in the struggle for separation from Pakistan, His contribution to admit he was awarded the second highest national award in byratm Bangladesh. They say in the party no good on a personal level of 1971. This is the moment when Bangladeshi intellectuals and stones on the number of media organization, I know I should not really say demonstrate cowardice. I have no hesitation in saying after meeting so many people in so many places the Awami League-yourself terrorist acts, has been put on the crimes alleged JI. Moreover, after numerous writings and books to study, in terms of Bangladesh I review the existing practices of India, It seems clear to me in 1971 (by over East Pakistan) was dictated by the India, And that was indeed the project of Indian intelligence agency (RAW). Bangladesh will bring the color executions of Islamic leaders? Saudi newspaper Arab News wrote: Measures against the party will back fire. The government will step in trying to manage the country and the largest Islamic party. The newspaper writes that the party was out of the political scene of the country there were fears that the 45 years of age and parents go underground and start activities which will destabilize the country. EC deleted from the list of participating parties in the first elections, later, the government annuls the JI, and perhaps the people of the community have no option but to fight for survival.


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