Attack on journalists before the elections in Bangladesh, 10 injured

Attack on journalists before the elections in Bangladesh, 10 injured

Attack on journalists before the elections in Bangladesh, 10 injured

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A few days before the elections in Bangladesh, the ruling armed groups attacked Nawabganj city. Due to which 10 journalists were injured. According to AFP news agency AFP Masud Karim, a journalist associated with Bengali daily Jugantor, told on December 24, armed men attacked a motel central of Nawabganj, where journalists related to the local media were living. Armed assailants broke 16 glasses of vehicles, he said and during the attack, 10 journalists from Jugantor and Jamuna TV were also injured. Masud Karim also accused the police that the attack was reported but he did not reach the spot immediately. According to Jugantor newspaper, one of his reporters is missing from Monday evening.

He attributed the attack to the ruling party’s public League Party and youth wings, while the police said the attack was done by unknown persons. District police Chief Shafiur Rahman said we saved the journalists from the invaders; he also rejected the allegations of not taking immediate action by the police. Jugantor and Jamuna newspaper owners are demanding immediate arrest of the invaders, but the police chief said that no complaint was lodged in this regard officially.

Bangladesh is continuing to protest before December 30 elections, in this context the opposition says that hundreds of workers and dozens of candidates are injured in the attacks carried out by the ruling party members. Apart from this, six people were killed in different attacks, out of which 2 belong to the ruling party. The online edition of the private NTV said that in the Munshiganj district, the ruling party workers attacked 2 news cameramen. The Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) demanded the perpetrators to be punished. The BFUJ chief Molla Zalal said that taking responsibility of the state and the government should take steps to stop such attacks.

In Bangladesh, the topic of freedom of journalism is under discussion because Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has criticized the opposition and human rights groups due to controversial press laws. It is believed that in 1990, Hasina Wajid or Khalifa Zia have established their governments in Bangladesh. And these powerful women have become one of the most dangerous political enemies after being a close ally at a time. Hasina Wajid also refused to allow the caretaker government to conduct domestic matters during the campaign.


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