Afghanistan: Unbelievable progress of peace

US has started talks with the Taliban in which Pakistan is playing a role in mediation

US has started talks with the Taliban in which Pakistan is playing a role in mediation

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The last 48 hours of the disaster and non-performance shown in the past two years are worth mentioning that they are historical. It is not a joke, but a tremendous fact that the world’s first and great military force is getting rid of two active combat forces; the field of its occupation is handing over its regional counterparts and leaving its ally to the lord alone. Do not make a mistake to think that this peace will start a peace. This is a manifestation of weakness and instability. Now Washington’s competitors are becoming stronger because they are seeing that the old rules are no longer applicable. Now people do not know what America will accept and what will not be accepted. Contrary to that, the Chief Commander of the Greatest Military Machine machine in History is using it only that the headline of the newspaper should be represented in its favor or demonstrates its morality.

Following. The above quote is taken from an article published in the CNN. It is reflecting the hedgehog that America has suffered. President Trump announces big decisions without consulting with his closest ministers and advisors via Twitter. The result is that the trusted specialist of the Trump and General (R) James Mattis resigned as saying that you should take your mood of defense. Another heavy-handed general (R) Jan Kelly, who was the Trumpp Chief of Staff, has also resigned. He also believes that President Trumpp had refused to listen to him. But this quality is not based on insane insane. During the campaign, President Trumpp was announcing this in a letter to the verb that they will call their forces back to Afghanistan and other fronts, because they have unnecessary wastewater in their lives. But later the American Stabilization convinced him not to take any step by which the United States rivals would get the lead. But also decided to send more troops to Afghanistan in terms of it. For some time, President Trumpp not only accepted the proposal of stabilization but, instead of getting started, we started firing on Pakistan. Announcing the US and South Asia policy in the United States in August 2017. He used a non-polite language against Pakistan and started a series of threats. The whole Pakistani nation condemned this unusual language by being single language and refused to be afraid.

At the beginning of this year, President Trumpet once again said Pakistan badly and he said that he has killed American aid and did not even help us. Once again our political and military leadership did not think of these deceitful and meaningless allegations. But the Taliban’s growing achievements in Afghanistan, the increasing casualties of the Afghan forces and the casualties of self-coalition forces were becoming unbearable. It is estimated from all independent sources that more area of ​​Afghanistan is in the possession of the Taliban or there is a presence of the Afghan government. In addition, the events that have changed the entire situation together are internal attacks on the coalition forces. At the beginning of November, in Kandahar, this is a coalition of allies, in an internal attack not only senior Afghan commanders were killed, including General Abdul Razzaq, who was the police chief and the Taliban were abusive in the enmity, but the commander of the US Army commander General Austin Miller, Balball escaped. Earlier on the Ghazni city, the attack on the Taliban and the temporary control of the Taliban was an open indication the Taliban may want to attack whenever they want, because their strategy is not to capture areas and handle management because they want to scare their rivals and scandalize. The US President has estimated that the supply of troops in Afghanistan has not only created any difference, but the hazards are increasing, so they preferred to move towards their original thinking.

In this background the United States has started talks directly with the Taliban and wants to complete it immediately. After a few meetings, the United States announced that he would take half of his soldiers back in the next two months. The announcement has spread in Kabul and New Delhi. The Times of India says that this announcement has crushed President Trump, Kabul and New Delhi under the bus. When the Trumps were announcing this, the Center was visiting Graham in the center of Landis. They have been visiting this year at the Christmas event every year with Center John McCain, the purpose of which is to intimidate American soldiers and to get aware of ground realities. They have always been the supporters of the Afghan war and often responsible for their failures to Pakistan. He has strongly opposed the announcement of the withdrawal of American soldiers. He says that with this entry the United States will lose all the benefits he has achieved in the 18-year war. Additionally, he says that the jihadist elements of the entire world will start gathering in Afghanistan again. So America should be ready for another 9/11 amazingly there has been no response to this progress in the United States generally. Contrary to the announcement of the US military withdrawal from Syria, slanderous statements are coming from everywhere. It indicates that Afghanistan is not interested in internal politics of America, therefore, there is no response from the US Army pullout, as Pentagon also has its own reservations.

This progress in our view will prove to be a great success for Pakistan. Many analysts, while hiring it, will announce the US withdrawal in the region. But in our view there is no basis for this fear. Thinking about the Taliban that they will lose such a big success in the internal civil war is unrealistic. The Taliban made a safe Afghanistan and their consolation had shown willingness to deliver Osama bin Laden into the third country. The American invasion was unmatched, uprooted and uncomfortable that led to the failure of millions of lives and inefficiency in the region.

The Kabul government is just because of American power. After its withdrawal, no force other than the Taliban can unite it, whether this result came out through negotiations or by fight. Yes, it is possible that the Northern Alliance with the help of India should initially occupy those areas where he was occupied before the American invasion. At our point of view, more importantly, this region is now being renewed, which will make positive prospects. On one side, one alliance is becoming China, Russia, Turkey and Iran. The second United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia and its Gulf ally are becoming. Inclusion in a single group for Pakistan will be very difficult. But, maintaining a balance, peace restoration in Afghanistan can not be incompatible with the first group to establish a sustainable and stable government. There is no country of both groups who have sacrificed sacrifices that Pakistan has given due to the war of Afghanistan so Pakistan’s first need has been supported by every country that will help in establishing peace in Afghanistan. Apart from this, it is not possible for Pakistan to just look at other challenges facing its borders. In the case of Iran, it would have to be regarded as the head of the Northern Alliance, along with India. Therefore, to eliminate this possibility Iran comes as a natural disaster with which Pakistan will have to take a path to cooperate with peace. Demonstrating the Taliban to restrict this possibility, Hazara will have to take care of minorities rights, which is the


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