A unique letter from a seven-year-old girl to the Queen of Britain

Louise is a girl from Late Chile, UK

Louise is a girl from Late Chile, UK

London … News Time

A 7-year-old British girl wrote an interesting letter to Queen Elizabeth to help find a pet dog. According to British media reports, a girl named Louise from the region of Late Chile in the United Kingdom has appealed for help in finding a pet dog in a unique letter addressed to Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain. The seven-year-old was reportedly worried about the loss of two of her relatives’ dogs and wrote a handwritten letter to the Queen in which Louise asked Elizabeth to help.

The letter, addressed to the British House of Commons, states that two of our loved ones’ dogs have been missing for about seven months, and they loved their pets very much. According to the letter, so far there is no news of dogs which has caused great frustration to their owners. You are the queen of Britain; please join us in search of pets. The girl asked Queen Elizabeth to try to spread the news of the disappearance of the dogs named Mary and Ruby through radio or television so that they could be found soon. It is believed that the owners also made a poster of the disappearance of the dogs, but so far no trace of them has been found.


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