3 blast at Turkish airports, 41 killed    

Istanbul Kemal Ataturk Airport is the third busiest airport in Europe

Istanbul Kemal Ataturk Airport is the third busiest airport in Europe

Ankara, Washington, London … News Time

Turkish cities in the number of deaths from suicide bombings and shootings in the International Airport of Istanbul, 41 killed, the dead included 24 civilians, 13 aliens in Turkeythe 3 of them had dual citizenship, Pakistan, and leaders of other countries including the United States, Britain condemned the attacks. According to foreign media Turkish officials say the number of suicide attacks in Istanbul international airport and shot dead has risen to 41. The governor of Istanbul Ataturk Vasip Şahin and 24 Turkish citizens’ dead included 13 foreigners at the airport which was three has dual citizenship. Terrorist incidents, including two who died five, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, foreigners China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, a citizen of Jordan and Ukraine. The number of people injured in these attacks is reported 239. The three suicide bombers attacked the governor told reporters. The officials say the fire with a Kalashnikov which was the entrance to the target terminal and three blew them up. Security personnel opened fire to prevent the entrance of the suspects to the airport. The Web social networks can be seen in the videothat an attacker opened fire on a police officer entering the Departure Lounge of killing her and attacked the injured lying on the floor and turns itself off during the blast. Sources said the attacks were a turning point for many flights, while passenger flights were moved to the hotel when idle. Turkish Prime Minister Ali Yildirim said that the involvement of the Islamic militant group said the attack shows that the initial investigation. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the attacks on Istanbul airport to propaganda against his country through the blood and suffering of innocent people. He urged the international community to adopt a decisive stance against terrorism. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has expressed sympathy with the Turkish President, Prime Minister and condemned the bombings in Turkey, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was standing with the Turkish people in this hour of grief. The US has also condemned the stand with Turkey in its fight against terrorism. After the Istanbul State Department said in a warning for American citizens to be careful when you go public and tourist attractions. Istanbul Airport Kemal Ataturk Europe’s third busiest airport.


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