10 happiest, richest, healthiest, and safest countries in the world released list

happiest, richest, healthiest, and safest countries Norway's first number

happiest, richest, healthiest, and safest countries Norway’s first number

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Every year, the world of rich, prosperous, healthy and safe countries is continuing. This year’s list Norway, Switzerland and Denmark are the first, second and third respectively. The Legatum Institute in London has released the World Prosperity Indexthe list of the most prosperous countries in the world is releasedbut it was not just the money. Institute has been reviewed 89 factors, including the opportunities, governance, education, health, prosperity, freedom, sovereignty and security. This list is Pakistan’s 130, which is 15th from the bottom while India’s number 99. Overall this study has included 142 countries.

Norway is ranked first.

Norway is a member of the Scandinavian countries and countries is seventh in the world rankings for the past 7 years.  While Norway is also included in the top 10 countries in the index (factors).

2 Switzerland

Governance in the world (the first number for Switzerland in good governance) and economic as it includes second.

3: Denmark

Although Denmark’s third in the list is the second opportunity and entrepreneurship.

4 New Zealand

New Zealand is a country to accept refugees at the most. Social capital in the first place in countries outside the European Union.

5: Sweden

Entrepreneurship in the country is known all over the world and life and safety of the goods in terms of quality of Sweden’s highest.

6: Canada

92% of people believe that Canada is a great place for the refugees and immigrants in the country. Canada’s economy and quality of education is very high.

7: Australia

Australia’s education over the past three years has been the rapid rise and has been maintained its seventh position in prosperity.

8 Netherlands

Dutch economy has been developing rapidly in education and social capital that is why it is at eighth position.

9: Finland

Personalization is the fifth in Finland in third place in safety and security, and governance (governance). But because of the bad economy is on the ninth.

10: Ireland

Endurance and tolerance in the world including Ireland 5 most important countries. The facility for immigrants it has 10 standards and Ireland ranked fourth but overall index. The world’s superpower United States of America is not a place in eleventh place in the list of 10 countries and prosperity.


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